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Ranga Chand's World of Mutual Funds

Copyright © 1999 by Ranga Chand
Published in 1999 by Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited
ISBN 0-7737-59859
384 pages
List price: $19.95

If you think your chances of investing in an Underachiever are remote - think again!

Indeed you may already have invested in one of these consistently underperforming funds. A scary one-third of the 600 or so Canadian and international mutual funds with a five-year performance record are Underachievers—their returns consistently trail behind their peers'. Let economist Ranga Chand's objective, independent, and comprehensive guide show you how to avoid these chronic laggards and instead fill your mutual fund portfolio with Heavy Hitters - the consistently above-average performers. Find out how to:

Whether you want to invest internationally or prefer to keep your money in Canada, this completely revised and updated 1998 edition of Ranga Chand's World of Mutual Funds will help you maximize your returns, to keep you on top!

Ranga Chand is a leading independent economist and mutual fund analyst who has held senior positions with a major Canadian stock brokerage firm and with Canada's Department of Finance. Now an independent consultant, he is president of the Oakville, Ontario, research firm Chand Carmichael & Company and regularly gives presentations and seminars on the global economy and investing. He is an advisor to Scotiabank, which based its Scotia Leaders mutual fund program on his objective research methodology. He is also the author of Ranga Chand's Getting Started with Mutual Funds.

Ranga Chand's World of Mutual Funds is available across Canada at major book retailers.

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