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Resource Centre


Welcome to the Resource Centre. This is the place to visit if you are looking for ways to increase your knowledge and understanding of mutual fund terms, concepts, and the industry in general!

Here's a summary of the resources available:

  1. Mutual Funds: A Special Investigation is a six day feature looking at the Mutual Fund industry. The series will cover topics such as governance, compensation and Segregated Funds.
  2. The Wise Investor is a continuing series of useful tips and advice about personal investing. Some of the articles are excerpts from published books, and others are learning features written by our financial specialists. Past Weekly Insight articles can be found here.
  3. Online Investing consists of articles primarily from The Globe and Mail on buying and selling stocks and mutual funds through an online broker. Some articles focus on how to find reliable mutual fund information on the Web and what investors should know before opening an online account.
  4. There is a Glossary of mutual fund terms.
  5. In the Investing Libary you can browse reviews of mutual fund, personal finance and investing books.
  6. Alert is a free email notification service. Subscribers receive two updates each month, one confirming the arrival of end-of-month fund data on the site, and the second highlighting stories from Globe Investor Monthly, the Globe and Mail's monthly mutual fund report. Sign up today!

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