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To search, enter words or phrases, separated by and or or (for example, volatility and bond funds). For more help, read the Search Guidelines.

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Search Guidelines

First of all, phrases you enter are matched exactly as you enter them, so income fund only matches stories in which the word "fund" immediately follows the word "income". If you want to search for stories containing both the words "income" and "fund" — but not necessarily right after one another — then enter income and fund.

You can also search for income or fund which will find stories that contain either the word "income" or the word "fund".

If you wish to search for articles which contain the word "income" but not the word "fund", then search for income and not fund.

Other Search Techniques

In addition to entering subject phrases and keywords, you may also search for specific article attributes using either the = function, or the <CONTAINS> function. For example,

  • byline="michael nairne" will find all of the articles by Michael Nairne.
  • Headline <CONTAINS> "Asian" will find articles with headlines containing the word "Asian".
Attributes you may find useful:
pdatePublication date971027
pagePage numbera4
sectionNewspaper sectionReport on Business
headlineArticle headlineHow Nasty will the Next Bear Be?
bylineAuthor of the articleAndrew Bell

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