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Mutual Fund News


@rgentum Mgmt and Research Corp.877-274-3688
ABC Funds888-673-6222
ADA Investments Inc.416-461-1716
AEGON Fund Management Inc.866-462-9946
AGF Funds Inc.800-268-8583
AIC Limited800-263-2144
AIM Funds Management Inc.800-874-6275
ATB Investment Management888-282-3863
Aberdeen Asset Management Inc.800-992-6341
Abria Financial Group Ltd.877-512-2742
Accumulus Investment Management Ltd.888-237-1152
Acker Finley Asset Management Inc.888-514-9136
Acuity Funds Ltd.800-461-4570
All Points Index Funds Limited441-299-6200
All-Canadian Management Inc.905-648-2025
Altamira Investment Services Inc.800-263-4769
Arrow Hedge Partners Inc.877-327-6048
Assante Asset Management Ltd.800-267-1730
Assumption Life800-455-7337
B.E.S.T. Discoveries Fund800-795-2378
BMO Investments Inc.800-665-7700
BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.416-359-4541
Balsam Capital Management Ltd.416-429-0005
Barclays Global Investors Canada Ltd.877-464-8648
Beutel Goodman Managed Funds Inc.800-461-4551
Biocapital Biotechnology Fund866-303-0128
Brandes Investment Partners & Co888-861-9998
Brompton VIP Management Limited416-642-6000
Bullion Management Services877-495-3400
CEO Group of Funds888-866-3608
CI Mutual Funds800-563-5181
CIBC Securities Inc.800-465-3863
CM Investment Management888-888-3863
CTI Mutual Funds888-817-8881
CUMIS Life Insurance Company800-280-4434
Caldwell Investment Mgmt Ltd.800-256-2441
Canada Life Assurance Co.888-252-1847
Capital Alliance Management Inc.800-304-2330
Capital International Asset Management (Canada)888-421-5111
Capstone Consultants Ltd.800-207-0067
Cartier Mutual Funds Inc.877-664-1666
Cdn. Dental Ser Plans Inc(CDSPI)800-561-9401
Chou Associates Management Inc.416-299-6749
Citadel Diversified Ltd.403-266-8670
Clarica Mutual Funds - See CI Mutual Funds888-864-5463
ClaringtonFunds Inc.888-860-9888
Co-operators Life Insurance Co.800-604-0050
Co-operators Mutual Funds Limited866-866-2635
Comm, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Cda306-777-0000
Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc.416-367-4158
Corp Financiere LaSalle Inc.514-365-8000
Cote 100 Inc.800-454-2683
Counsel Wealth Management877-625-9885
Covington Capital Corporation416-365-0060
Creststreet Asset Management Ltd.866-864-6330
Crocus Investment Fund204-925-7777
DGC Entertainment Ventures Corp.800-382-1159
DeltaOne Capital Partners Corp.416-815-1692
Desjardins Financial Security416-926-2700
Dominion Eqt Resource Fund Inc.403-531-2657
Dynamic Mutual Funds Ltd.800-268-8186
ENSIS Management Inc.204-949-3700
Elliott & Page Ltd.800-363-6647
Empire Financial Group888-237-1637
EnerVest Funds Management Inc.800-459-3384
Ensemble Portfolios866-669-4464
Epic Capital Management Inc.416-703-4441
Equitable Life Insur. Co of Can800-668-4095
Ethical Funds Inc.877-384-4225
Evolution Funds Inc.888-922-5622
Excalibur Investment Strategies Inc.800-706-1420
Excel Funds Management Inc.888-813-9813
Fed des trav. et travaill du Que800-361-5017
Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd.800-263-4077
Fiducie Desjardins800-361-2680
First Asset Advisory Services Inc866-730-9302
First Associates Asset Management866-601-6888
First Horizon Capital Corp.877-450-0722
First Ontario LSIF Ltd.800-777-7506
First Trust Portfolios877-622-5552
Fonds Diamant Inc.866-622-0343
Fonds des Professionnels Inc.888-377-7337
Formula Growth Ltd.514-288-5136
Franklin Templeton Investments800-387-0830
Friedberg Commodity Mgmt Inc.800-461-2700
Front Street Capital800-513-2832
GBC Asset Management Inc.800-668-7383
GENUS Capital Managment604-683-4554
GGOF Guardian Group of Funds800-668-7327
Gestion FERIQUE888-259-7969
GlobeInvest Capital Mgmt Inc.800-387-0784
Golden Opportunities Fund Inc.306-652-5557
Goodwood Inc.416-203-2022
Great-West Life Assurance Co.800-665-5758
HSBC Capital (Canada) Inc.604-631-8088
HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc.800-830-8888
Hartford Investment Canada Corp.877-302-2210
Hartford Life Insurance Company800-263-9175
Highstreet Asset Management Inc.877-850-9500
Hillsdale Investment Mgmt Inc.416-913-3900
Hymas Investment Management Inc.416-604-4204
ING Funds866-669-4464
Industrial Alliance Life Ins. Co800-463-6236
Industrial Alliance Pacific Life Insurance800-363-2166
Integra Capital Management Corp.800-363-2480
Investors Group888-746-6344
John D. Hillery Investment Counsel Inc.416-234-0846
L'Union-Vie, compagnie mutuelle d'assurance800-567-0988
Laketon Investment Management Ltd.416-864-0947
Lancaster Fund Management866-693-3863
Lawrence & Company Inc.888-964-3533
Leeward Capital Management Inc.416-482-0242
Leith Wheeler Inv Counsel Ltd.888-292-1122
Les Fonds d'invest. FMOQ Inc.888-542-8597
Lincluden Management Ltd.800-532-7071
London Life Insurance Co.877-566-5433
Lutheran Life Ins. Soc of Can.800-563-6237
MD Funds Management Inc.800-267-4022
MDS Capital416-213-4251
Mackenzie Financial Corporation800-387-0614
Mandate Management Corporation866-432-4949
Manulife Cabot Funds888-588-7999
Manulife Financial800-517-0259
Manulife MIX Funds877-977-2537
Maritime Life Assurance Co.902-453-4300
Mavrix Fund Management Inc.416-362-3077
Mawer Mutual Funds888-549-6248
McElvaine Investment Mgmt Ltd.604-601-8345
McLean Budden Limited800-884-0436
Members Mutual Management Corp.888-560-2218
Meritas Mutual Funds866-637-4827
Middlefield Financial Limited888-890-1868
Montrusco Bolton Inc.514-842-6464
Mountainview Asset Management Ltd.416-278-6697
Mulvihill Capital Management800-725-7172
NCE Resources Group800-563-4623
Natcan Investment Mgmt. Inc.866-871-7600
National Bank Mutual Funds888-270-3941
National Life800-977-2116
Norrep Inc.403-531-2650
North Growth Management Ltd.604-688-5440
Northwater Fund Management Inc.800-422-1867
Northwest Mutual Funds Inc.888-809-3333
ONE Financial866-360-7888
Ontario Teachers Group Inc.800-263-9541
Optimum Placements Inc.888-678-4686
Opus 2 Financial Inc.877-296-7872
Orbit Mutual Funds888-376-7815
Performance Group GenPar Ltd.416-967-5522
Perigee Investment Counsel Inc.888-437-3333
Phillips, Hager & North Inv Mgmt800-661-6141
Polar Securities Inc.416-367-4364
Primerica (PFSL) Invest Can Ltd.800-387-7876
Pursuit Financial Mgmt Corp.800-253-9619
Putnam Investments Inc.866-596-5666
Quadrus Group of Funds888-532-3322
R Funds (BLC-Rothschild)877-876-6989
R.A. Floyd Capital Management Inc.877-734-2500
R.N. Croft Financial Group Inc.800-419-8555
RBC Funds Inc.800-463-3863
RBC Insurance Services Inc.800-669-1928
Retrocom Growth Fund Inc.888-743-5627
SEI Investments Canada Company416-777-9700
SSQ VIE Inv et retraite(Astra)800-320-4887
Sagit Management Ltd.800-663-1003
Saxon Funds888-287-2966
Sceptre Investment Counsel Ltd800-265-1888
SciVest Alternative Strategies Inc.866-599-2400
Scotia Managed Companies416-945-4191
Scotia Securities Inc.800-268-9269
Sentry Select Capital Corp.888-246-6656
Skylon Advisors Inc.877-711-2440
Sprott Asset Management Inc.866-299-9906
Standard Life888-841-6633
Standard Life Mutual Funds888-345-0756
Stone Funds800-336-9528
StoneHedge Funds Inc.866-731-6131
StrategicNova Mutual Funds800-408-2311
Synergy Asset Management Inc.888-664-4784
TAL Institutional Management416-364-5620
TD Asset Management Inc.866-567-8888
TD Split Inc.800-268-8166
Talvest Fund Management800-268-8258
Teleclone Inc.416-869-6568
Tera Capital416-368-8372
The Independent Order of Foresters800-268-6091
The Juniper Fund Management Corporation888-897-8921
The Royal Trust Co.604-408-6000
Thornmark Asset Management Inc.416-205-9533
Tip Investment Advisors Ltd.866-861-1010
Tradex Management Inc.800-567-3863
Transamerica Life Canada416-290-6221
Triax-Covington Corporation800-407-0287
Tricycle Asset Management Corp.800-315-5298
Trust General du Canada800-280-3088
Twenty First Century Funds Inc.888-299-2121
University Avenue Mgmt Ltd.800-465-1812
Value Contrarian Asset Mgmt Inc.514-398-0808
VenGrowth Capital Management800-387-0614
VentureLink Group of Funds877-711-2440
Vertex One Asset Management Inc.866-681-5787
Workers Investment Fund Inc.800-456-0199
Working Opportunity Fund800-563-3863
Working Ventures Investment Services Inc.800-268-8244
YMG Capital Management Inc.416-364-3711
iPerformance Fund Corp.866-473-7376

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