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As of 6:15 p.m. yesterday. All prices show the % change from the previous day. Data supplied by Globe Interactive. Results in this table exclude offshore funds such as All Points Index Funds.

All funds
iUnits S&P/TSX Capped IT-6.27%
Mavrix Canadian Strategic Equity-3.94%
@rgentum U.S. Master Portfolio-3.85%
ING Global Communications-3.80%
Talvest Global Sci and Tech RSP-3.70%
Canadian equity funds
Mavrix Canadian Strategic Equity-3.94%
Mavrix Growth-3.37%
Montrusco Bolton TSE 100 Momentum-3.24%
Elliott & Page Generation Wave-3.13%
MLI E&P Gen Wave GIF 2-2.92%
U.S. equity funds
@rgentum U.S. Master Portfolio-3.85%
Clarington U.S. Smaller Co. Gwth-3.55%
Clarington RSP Navellier US All Cap-3.21%
Clarington Navellier U.S. All Cap-3.20%
Clarington Navellier US All Cap Cl-3.11%
Int'l equity funds
Maritime Life Euro 50 Index-R-3.46%
IA Group Int'l Equity (SEAMARK)-2.63%
MLI E&P Int'l Equity (SEAMARK)GIF 1-2.53%
AGF International Stock Class-2.52%
MLI E&P Int'l Equ (SEAMARK) GIFe 1-2.52%

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