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Mutual Fund News

Biggest winners and losers in 2005

Funds ranked by average annual returns as of Dec. 31, 2005

Top 20 funds

FundNet assets ('000)One-year returnFive-year return
Friedberg Diversified Fund$2,371 303.00%31.80%
DeltaOne Energy Fund RSPn/a120.5n/a
Resolute Growth Fund238,049100.543.8
Tera Capital Global Technology Fundn/a84.1- 6.9
Friedberg Futures Fund79776.910.6
Dynamic Power Hedge Fund20,93775.9n/a
CI Global Energy Corporate Class198,91161.621.7
RBC Energy Fund591,16259.825.5
DeltaOne Energy Fund L.P.n/a56.4n/a
TD Energy Fund297,65255.624
Sentry Select Cdn. Energy Growth Fund34,37755.525.2
Middlefield Resource Class14,55855.3n/a
CIBC Energy Fund231,29154.727.1
Altamira Energy Fund22,61353.8n/a
Investors Cdn. Natural Resource Fund577,43552.6n/a
CIBC Canadian Resources Fund83,76352.519
TDK Resource Fund Inc.22,43251.6n/a
Talvest Global Resource Fund18,06351.3n/a
MRF 2003 II Resource L.P.48,46151.3n/a
EnerVest Natural Resource Fund52,97750.232.1

Bottom 20 funds

FundNet assets ('000)One-year returnFive-year return
Asset Logics Managed Futures Hedge$3,075 - 35.1%- 10.8%
NAVigator Starboard RSP Fund3,153- 35.0n/a
NAVigator Compass Long/Short Fund L.P.3,227- 34.8n/a
AGF Managed Futures Fund24,839- 28.8- 16.0
O'Donnell Emerging Companies Fundn/a- 22.4n/a
King & Victoria Fund L.P.n/a- 13.8n/a
Brandes U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund32,972- 12.8n/a
Mackenzie Sentinel Tactical Global Bond37,459- 12.8- 0.9
Mavrix Explorer Fund8,453- 12.6n/a
TD Global RSP Bond Fund266,539- 11.30.4
Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund233,853- 11.0- 9.1
Scotia CanGlobal Income Fund33,303- 10.91.2
IG Templeton World Bond Fund8,640- 10.81.7
Talvest Global Bond Fund30,551- 10.71.8
JMD Managed Futures Fund346- 10.4n/a
CIBC Global Bond Fund274,746- 10.31.4
Altamira Short Term Global Income Fund4,725- 10.1- 0.6
B.E.S.T. Total Return Fund6,998- 9.8n/a
Brandes U.S. Equity Fund77,064- 9.5n/a
CI Global Bond Fund305,136- 9.50

N/A/ = not available.

Per cent returns are average annual compound returns as of Dec. 31, 2005.

Calculations assume reinvestment of distributions.


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