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fund% return
Alternative Strategies3.72.6.7
Asia ex-Japan5.91.5-1.1
Asian and Pacific Rim2.6-1.5-1.1
Canadian Balanced1.9.3.0
Canadian Bond-.6-.6.1
Canadian Dividend2.61.1.2
Canadian Equity4.92.2.4
Canadian Equity (Pure)
Canadian Income Balanced1.9.5.1
Canadian Income Trusts3.52.6.3
Cdn. Short Term Bond & Mortgage.0-.2.0
Canadian Small Capitalization7.85.31.4
Canadian Tactical Asset Allocation2.91.1.3
Emerging Markets Equity8.52.4-1.6
European Equity4.2-.5-.6
Financial Services2.2-1.0-.9
Foreign Bond-.8-2.5-.7
Global Balanced and Asset Allocation1.9-.7-.5
Global Equity2.6-1.2-1.0
Health Care2.1-1.0-.7
High Yield Bond.4-.1.1
International Equity2.8-1.8-1.0
Japanese Equity1.7-3.0-.6
Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital.3.0.2
Natural Resources10.36.21.0
North American Equity2.2-.1-.1
Precious Metals16.89.01.6
Real Estate3.72.1-.4
Science and Technology2.4-2.7-1.7
Specialty or Miscellaneous1.8.7.0
U.S. Equity.6-2.4-1.6
U.S. Small and Mid Cap Equity4.3.8-1.0

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