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Recent prices of closed investment funds supplied by Globe Interactive at 6:15 p.m. yesterday. Latest trading price represent values from NAV (Net Asset Value) represents the latest value reported to by the fund companies. Premium - represents percantage difference between the fund's trading price and the fund's NAV. Discount - represents percentage difference between the fund's NAV and the fund's trading price. All data is for information purposes only. Confirmation of prices should be obtained from the fund.

fund namesymbollatestlatestprem
AIC Diversified Canada Split Corp.(02/03 ADC-T35.7228.65-19.79
AIC Global Financial Split Corp.(02/03 ASC-T15.9114.60-8.23
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific(02/02 FAP-T8.628.731.24
Aberdeen G7 Trust(02/03 GSV.UN-T9.218.67-5.86
Aberdeen SCOTS Trust(02/03 SCO.UN-T21.7020.50-5.53
Acuity All Cap & Income Trust(02/02 AAI.UN-T13.2712.59-5.13
Acuity Focused Total Return Trust(02/02 AFU.UN-T10.8010.24-5.20
Acuity Growth & Income Trust(02/02 AIG.UN-T14.9614.00-6.42
Acuity Multi-Cap Total Return Trust(02/02 ART.UN-T11.3210.49-7.35
Adjustable Rate MBS Trust(02/02 ADJ.UN-T21.0720.13-4.45
AllBanc Split Corp.(02/02 ABK.A-T181.60177.81-2.09
Alliance Split Income Trust(02/02 ASI.UN-T19.6316.92-13.79
B Split II Corp.(02/02 BXN-T18.478.45-54.25
BCX Split Corp.(02/02 BCX.A-T27.2527.17-.29
BMONT Split Corp.(02/02 --67.87----
BNS Split Corp.(02/02 BSN-T92.9992.21-.84
BNS Split Corp. II(02/02 BSC-T46.6145.21-3.00
Barclays Advant Equal Weighted(02/03 BAE.UN-T13.0612.50-4.26
Barclays Advantaged(02/03 BAI.UN-T16.6015.76-5.04
Barclays Inc & Growth Split Trust(02/03 BDS.UN-T14.4012.71-11.76
Barclays Top 100 Equal Weighted(02/03 BTH.UN-T11.3510.97-3.38
Bayshore Floating Rate Senior Loan(01/20 BIF.UN-T9.328.90-4.51
Big 8 Split Inc(02/02 BIG.A-T68.9769.41.64
BluMont Strategic Partners Hedge(02/03 BSP.UN-T12.2211.40-6.75
Brascan Adjustable Rate Trust I(01/31 BAO.UN-T22.0820.75-6.02
Brascan SoundVest Total Return(02/03 BST.UN-T11.0610.37-6.24
Brascan Soundvest Diversified Inc.(02/03 BSI.UN-T12.3911.70-5.57
Brascan Soundvest Focused Business(02/03 BSF.UN-T10.559.65-8.50
Brascan Soundvest Rising Dist Split(02/03 BSD.UN-T14.1613.11-7.39
Brompton Advantaged Oil & Gas(02/02 AOG.UN-T11.3110.90-3.64
Brompton Equal Weight Income Fund(02/02 EWI.UN-T13.4412.80-4.79
Brompton Equal Weight Oil & Gas(02/02 OGF.UN-T12.5512.12-3.43
Brompton Equity Split Corp(02/02 BE-T18.9117.15-9.30
Brompton Flaherty & Crumrine Fxd In(01/27 FFI.UN-T22.2721.55-3.22
Brompton Flaherty & Crumrine Pfd(01/27 FAC.UN-T22.1121.60-2.30
Brompton Split Banc Corp.(02/02 SBC-T14.8816.108.22
Brompton Stable Income Fund(02/02 BSR.UN-T14.5613.91-4.47
Brompton Tracker(02/02 BTF.UN-T10.6410.10-5.08
Brompton VIP Income(02/02 VIP.UN-T14.9113.95-6.44
Business Trust Equal Weight Income(02/02 BWI.UN-T11.4210.74-5.96
CC&L Conservative Income Fund II(01/27 CCK.UN-T10.309.75-5.38
CC&L PRINTS Trust(02/01 CCP.UN-T18.2417.65-3.24
CC&L Real Return Income(01/27 RRB.UN-T9.129.10-.27
CCL Conservative Income(01/27 CCQ.UN-T10.379.71-6.37
CI Global Opportunities II(02/03 BOI.UN-T8.718.36-4.02
COMPASS Income Fund(02/02 CMZ.UN-T15.5115.15-2.32
CORE IncomePlus(02/02 COZ.UN-T10.469.84-5.93
Canada Trust Income Investments(02/02 CNN.UN-T9.539.40-1.40
Canadian Financial Income(02/02 FIE.UN-T10.249.75-4.77
Canadian Fundamental 100 Income(02/02 RFI.UN-T9.779.49-2.89
Canadian General Investments Ltd.(02/03 CGI-T27.7825.77-7.24
Canadian Resources Income Trust(02/02 RTU.UN-T17.7016.23-8.31
Canadian World Fund Limited(02/03 CWF-T6.234.75-23.76
Central Fund of Canada Ltd.(02/03 CEF.NV.A-T8.088.778.54
Central Gold-Trust(02/03 GTU.UN-T25.0423.90-4.55
Charterhouse Preferred Share Index(02/02 PFD.PR.A-T23.4123.60.81
Citadel Diversified Investm't Trust(02/02 CTD.UN-T12.5410.91-13.00
Citadel Hytes Fund(02/02 CHF.UN-T18.4817.52-5.19
Citadel Income & Equity Index(02/02 IEP.UN-T12.3910.85-12.43
Citadel Income & Growth(02/02 CIF.UN-T12.1210.51-13.28
Citadel Multi-Sector Income Fund(02/02 CMS.UN-T12.7311.42-10.29
Citadel S-1 Income Trust(02/02 SDL.UN-T17.2516.10-6.67
Citadel SMaRT(02/02 CRT.UN-T37.8135.99-4.81
Citadel Series S-1 Income Fund(02/02 SRC.UN-T11.4110.60-7.10
Citadel Stable S-1 Income(02/02 CSR.UN-T9.509.14-3.79
Citadel Sustainable Prod. Energy Tr(02/02 SPU.UN-T9.579.55-.21
Clarington Diversified Inc Growth(02/03 DIF.UN-T9.799.32-4.84
Commerical & Indust Sec Inc Trust(02/02 COI.UN-T9.9810.202.17
Convertible & Yield Advantage Trust(02/03 CNV.UN-T26.1925.80-1.49
Criterion Business Tr TA(02/02 CBT.UN-T7.897.39-6.33
Criterion Dow Jones-AIG(02/02 CDJ.UN-T14.3113.70-4.26
Cyclical Split NT Corp.(02/02 CYC-T97.0693.60-3.56
DDJ High Yield(02/03 HYB.UN-T15.5513.71-11.83
DDJ U.S. High Yield(02/03 DDJ.UN-T8.838.45-4.30
DiversiTrust Energy Income Fund(02/03 DTN.UN-T12.6712.04-4.97
DiversiTrust Income Fund(02/03 DTF.UN-T17.3916.64-4.31
DiversiTrust Income Plus Fund(02/03 DTP.UN-T13.8613.40-3.32
DiversiTrust Stable Income(02/03 DTS.UN-T14.0713.28-5.61
DiversiYield Income Fund(02/03 DYI.UN-T10.089.56-5.16
Diversified Income Trust II(02/02 DTT.UN-T14.1414.25.79
Diversified Preferred Share Trust(02/01 DPS.UN-T23.7724.804.34
Economic Investment Trust(02/02 EVT-T106.4882.00-22.99
EnerVest Diversified Income Trust(02/02 EIT.UN-T8.477.90-6.73
Energy Plus Income Trust(02/02 EPF.UN-T12.6311.55-8.55
Energy Split Corp. Inc.(02/02 ES-T78.2773.80-5.71
Energy Split Corp. Inc. II(02/02 EN-T61.9859.40-4.16
Faircourt Inc & Growth Split Trust(02/02 FIG.UN-T19.4518.10-6.94
Faircourt Income Split Trust(02/02 FCI.UN-T11.9012.00.83
Faircourt Split Five Trust(02/02 FCF.UN-T33.7631.45-6.86
Faircourt Split Seven Trust(02/02 FCN.UN-T27.5726.50-3.88
Fairway Diversi Income & Gwth Trust(02/03 FDT.UN-T11.7111.44-2.32
Fairway Global Preferred Sec Trust(02/03 GPT.UN-T9.399.00-4.18
Fairway Investment Grade Inc(02/03 FGF.UN-T9.148.66-5.22
Fairway Nuveen Snr Fltg Rate Inc Tr(02/03 FSL.UN-T9.058.63-4.60
First Asset Equal Weight REIT Inc(02/03 RIT.UN-T11.5310.90-5.46
First Asset NA Div Achievers Trust(02/02 BDA.UN-T9.399.30-.96
First Asset Pipes & Power Income(02/03 EWP.UN-T9.409.20-2.13
First Asset Pref Sec Ltd Dur(02/03 PLD.UN-T21.4921.15-1.58
First Asset Pref Sec Ltd Dur (US$)(02/03 PLD.U-T8.618.20-4.76
First Asset Pref Securities Inc(02/03 PFS.UN-T21.2921.00-1.36
First Asset Small-Cap Income(02/02 FAS.UN-T8.658.10-6.36
First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust(02/03 FAY.UN-T24.5023.35-4.69
First Trust/Highland Capital L.P.(02/03 FHT.UN-T9.498.90-6.20
First Trust/Highland Floating II(02/03 FHM.UN-T9.419.10-3.33
Focused 40 Income(02/03 --10.30----
Front Street Long/Short Income(02/02 FLS.UN-T10.459.74-6.76
Front Street Long/Short Income II(02/02 --9.98----
Front Street Performance(02/02 FSP.UN-T34.2733.11-3.38
Front Street Performance II(02/02 FPF.UN-T12.0311.10-7.70
Global 45 Split Cor Pfd(02/02 GFV.PR.A-T10.0011.2012.00
Global 45 Split Corp Cl-A(02/02 GFV-T13.8611.70-15.58
Global Banks Premium Income Trusts(02/03 GBP.UN-T9.949.44-5.03
Global DiSCS Trust 2004-1(02/01 DST.UN-T24.6823.46-4.94
Global Resource Split Corp(02/03 GSX-T31.3239.1024.83
Health Care & Biotechnology Venture(08/06 --.33----
High Inc Principal & Yield Sec Cp E(02/03 PAY-T11.508.82-23.30
High Inc Principal & Yld Sec Cp PF(02/03 PAY.PR.A-T25.0026.154.60
High Income Pref Shares Corp(02/03 HPF.PR.A-T25.0027.008.00
High Yield & Mtg Plus Trust(02/03 HYM.UN-T22.5321.89-2.84
INDEXPLUS Income(02/02 IDX.UN-T15.3214.60-4.70
INDEXPLUS2 Income(02/02 IDT.UN-T13.8313.58-1.81
Int Financial Income & Growth Trust(02/03 FIT.UN-T10.329.81-4.94
Lawrence Payout Ratio Trust(02/03 LPU.UN-T9.829.24-5.91
Lifeco Split Corporation Inc.(02/02 LSC-T115.6564.00-44.66
MACCs Sustainable Yield Trust(02/03 MYT.UN-T10.259.60-6.33
MATRIX Income(02/02 MTZ.UN-T10.299.87-4.08
MAXIN Income(02/02 MXZ.UN-T16.3515.63-4.40
MBS Adjustable Rate Income(02/02 MTF.UN-T7.897.25-8.12
MBS Adjustable Rate Income II(02/02 MGS.UN-T8.077.76-3.89
MINT Income Fund(02/02 MID.UN-T13.9213.19-5.24
MSP Maxxum Trust(02/03 MXT.UN-T9.008.85-1.69
MYDAS Fund(02/02 MYF.UN-T16.0915.23-5.34
Mavrix Balanced Inc & Gro Trust(02/03 BGU.UN-T10.159.30-8.37
Middlefield Active Energy Inc Trust(02/02 AEU.UN-T14.2613.40-6.03
Middlefield Equal Sector IncomeFund(02/02 ESF.UN-T10.7310.00-6.80
Middlefield Vector Energy(02/02 VE.UN-T13.7213.20-3.79
Monstruco Bolton Income & Growth(02/03 MBL.UN-T10.239.70-5.18
Mortgage Backed Secur Trust (US$)(02/02 MF.U-T4.574.37-4.42
Mortgage Backed Securities Trust(02/02 MF.UN-T5.235.07-3.00
Multi Select Income Trust(02/02 MST.UN-T14.2212.51-12.04
New Millennium Technology Trust(02/03 NMT.UN-T3.383.20-5.33
NewGrowth Corp.(02/02 NEW.A-T45.3645.35-.02
Northwater Five-Year Market-Neutral(11/30 NYF.UN-T22.7420.70-8.97
Northwater Market - Neutral Trust(11/30 NMN.UN-T14.0312.84-8.48
Oil Sands Split Trust(02/01 OST.UN-T154.82148.81-3.88
Opensky Capital Global Digit(12/30 DG.UN-T9.409.00-4.26
Opensky Capital Global Digit II(12/30 GII.UN-T9.599.00-6.15
Opensky Capital Mngd Pro Inc(02/02 OMP.UN-T10.039.20-8.28
PATHFINDER Income Fund(02/02 PAZ.UN-T16.6615.70-5.76
Polar Hedge Enhanced Income Trust(10/03 --6.39----
Premier Value Income Trust(02/02 PVN.UN-T10.8210.60-1.99
Pro-Vest Growth & Income(02/02 PRG.UN-T12.7912.48-2.45
Quorum Secured Equity Trust(12/30 --92.06----
R Split II(02/02 RBT-T89.5688.52-1.16
Ravensource Fund(02/02 RAV.UN-T8.578.40-1.97
SCITI ROCS Trust(02/02 SCI.UN-T10.9810.95-.27
SCITI Trust(02/02 SIN.UN-T18.8118.42-2.07
SCITI Trust II(02/02 CIT.UN-T16.3315.98-2.14
STRATA Income Fund(02/02 STW.UN-T20.6018.18-11.75
STRUTs(02/03 SG.UN-T9.078.40-7.39
STaRS Income Fund(02/03 STZ.UN-T16.3715.51-5.25
Sceptre Income & Growth Trust(01/27 SZG.UN-T11.8811.49-3.25
Sceptre Income & High Growth Trust(01/27 SZH.UN-T10.8910.29-5.54
Select 50 S-1 Income Trust(02/02 SON.UN-T14.5213.73-5.44
Select 50 S-1 Income Trust II(02/02 SDE.UN-T13.9413.09-6.10
Sentry Select Blue-Chip Inc Trust(02/02 SIT.UN-T21.7721.28-2.23
Sentry Select Commodities Income Tr(02/02 SSJ.UN-T10.469.71-7.14
Sentry Select Diversified Inc Trust(02/02 SDT.UN-T6.045.42-10.24
Sentry Select FIDAC US Mortgage Tr(01/31 SSF.UN-T8.778.11-7.49
Sentry Select Focused Gwth & Income(02/02 SFG.UN-T13.3712.80-4.23
Sentry Select Global Index IncTrust(02/02 SGT.UN-T20.0019.06-4.69
Signature Diversified Value Trust(02/03 SDF.UN-T12.4511.60-6.83
Sixty Split Corp.(02/02 SXT-T58.2957.97-.55
Skylon All Asset Trust(02/02 SKA.UN-T23.6122.50-4.70
Skylon Capital Yield Trust(02/03 SLN.UN-T22.8822.10-3.41
Skylon Global Cap.Yield Trust II(02/02 SPO.UN-T26.8426.00-3.13
Skylon Global Capital Yield Trust(02/02 SLP.UN-T30.1429.16-3.25
Skylon Growth & Income Trust(02/03 SKG.UN-T11.0810.19-8.03
Skylon Intl Advantage Yield Trust(02/02 SIA.UN-T25.2724.40-3.44
Skylon Intl Advtg Yield Trust (US$)(02/02 SIA.U-T9.989.60-3.81
Snp Health Split Corp.(02/02 SNH.U-T38.5137.55-2.49
Snp Split Corp.(02/02 SNP.U-T34.0733.66-1.20
Strategic Energy(02/01 SEF.UN-T14.6513.38-8.68
TD Split Inc.(02/02 TDS.B-T61.0660.68-.62
TOROS Trust Income Securities(02/03 TO.A-T12.6411.30-10.60
TOROS Trust ROC Securities(02/03 TO.UN-T12.6411.75-7.04
Third Canadian General Invest Trust(02/03 THD-T50.2741.53-17.39
Thirty-Five Split Corp.(02/02 TFS-T67.9966.39-2.35
Tremont Capital Trust(12/30 TT.UN-T10.6110.28-3.08
Triax CaRTS III Trust(02/03 TXZ.UN-T20.5219.75-3.75
Triax CaRTS Technology Trust(02/03 TXR.UN-T20.4919.50-4.83
Triax CaRTS Trust(02/03 TXK.UN-T21.4720.17-6.05
Triax Diversified High-Yield Trust(02/03 TRH.UN-T12.6212.11-4.04
Triax Resource Limited Partnership(02/03 TRF.UN-T24.1623.21-3.93
Triax Resource Ltd Partnership II(02/03 TXL.UN-T37.4035.50-5.08
UBS Global Allocation Trust(01/31 GAT.UN-T10.0910.18.92
UBS Total Return Trust(01/31 UTR.UN-T9.408.91-5.23
United Corporations Ltd.(02/02 UNC-T74.5155.25-25.85
Utility Corp.(02/02 UTC.C-T55.0753.50-2.85
Wardley China Investment Trust(10/31 --.53----
YEARS Financial Trust(02/02 YTU.UN-T21.4920.00-6.94
YIELDPLUS Income Fund(02/02 YP.UN-T13.8913.16-5.26
YMG High Income Trust(02/03 HIT.UN-T26.4125.60-3.05
Yield Advantage Income Trust(02/03 YOU.UN-T10.229.50-7.05

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