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Hot funds that didn't crash and burn


More answers to the question of whether mutual funds with the hottest recent performance

numbers are at risk of falling hardest when the stock market tanks.


As we did last week, we started with the 100 funds in all categories that produced the highest

returns over the 12 months to July 31, and then scrutinized their

results for the 30 days to Aug. 20. Whereas last week we topped our list with the biggest 30-day

losers, in this go-around we focus on the high fliers of the past year that were least damaged in the past month.


This week's stock market gains notwithstanding, the past month has been harrowing for the stock markets; so not a single of the past year's best-performing funds came through without losses that most investors would describe as significant. That said, some funds still offered an attractive risk-

reward profile. China funds are a good example, especially Excel China. This fund essentially

doubled its value over the past year, and its 30-day decline is 8.3 per cent. A loss of that size stings a bit less when a fund has recently notched a triple-digit gain.

There's a bit of irony in the

performance of China funds here. Back in March, stock markets around the world briefly and sharply pulled back in a selloff that began in the hot-performing Chinese market. After the latest bout of stock market turbulence, it turns out that China funds have been among the most resilient in the club of mutual funds with the biggest returns in the past year.

Net assetsLast MER1-yr30-day
Fund name as of July 2007dateMERAsset class as of July 2007(Aug 20)
Dynamic Power American Growth196,32112/29/20064.34U.S. Equity32.14-6.04
Excel India297,2823/30/20073.40Miscellaneous47.65-6.06
Caldwell Exchange21,7387/31/20072.75Miscellaneous68.73-6.27
Investors Global Sci & Tech-A249,9277/31/20072.73Science and Technology Equity31.36-6.60
AGF Aggressive Growth320,2237/31/20072.51Global Small/Mid Cap Equity27.78-6.77
Trimark Canadian Small Companies264,1957/31/20072.49Cdn. Focused Small/Mid Cap Eq.27.24-6.82
Excel Chindia86,2373/30/20073.72Miscellaneous72.17-7.02
AGF Global Technology Class10,5167/31/20073.50Science and Technology Equity28.72-7.09
Dynamic Power Amer Currency Neutral19,47912/29/20064.18U.S. Equity36.84-7.23
Fidelity China A28,2043/30/20072.82Miscellaneous75.21-7.36
Renaissance China Plus160,5272/28/20073.23Miscellaneous67.81-7.57
Excel China145,6703/30/20072.47Miscellaneous101.44-8.29
Fidelity Focus Telecommunications-B11,1983/30/20072.67Science and Technology Equity32.03-8.36
AGF China Focus Class332,0027/31/20072.96Miscellaneous67.96-8.52
Trimark Glo Mid-Cap Equ Private Pl95,0987/31/20072.10Global Small/Mid Cap Equity27.55-8.66
Trimark Global Endeavour1,913,3397/31/20072.39Global Small/Mid Cap Equity28.71-8.71
TD Entertainment & Communications168,9267/31/20072.78Global Equity35.53-8.77
National Bank Quebec Growth22,5467/31/20072.39Canadian Small or Mid Cap Equity47.12-8.80
PH&N Vintage-A75,2587/31/20071.86Canadian Focused Equity26.90-8.81
Fidelity AsiaStar A104,3333/30/20072.82Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity27.70-8.98
BMO Greater China Class132,2677/31/20072.84Miscellaneous80.21-9.02
iShares CDN Tech Sector Index88,4807/31/20070.55Science and Technology Equity55.05-9.03
IA Clarington Canadian Leaders7/31/20072.40Canadian Equity29.63-9.50
AGF Germany Class15,0557/31/20073.19Miscellaneous29.61-10.24
Dynamic Power Small Cap213,28612/29/20062.90Cdn. Focused Small/Mid Cap Eq.33.67-10.38
MIX China Opportunities Class82,4117/29/20052.88Miscellaneous58.59-10.39
TD Asian Growth172,0307/31/20072.78Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity50.05-10.52
Tmpltn Global Smaller Co2,169,8867/31/20072.73Global Small/Mid Cap Equity30.30-10.77
HSBC Chinese Equity-I203,8407/31/20072.58Miscellaneous73.11-10.82
Acuity Clean Environment Equity92,8911/31/20072.85Cdn. Focused Small/Mid Cap Eq.26.90-11.06
IA Clarington Canadian Growth55,3857/31/20072.48Canadian Equity26.71-11.14
CIBC Emerging Markets Index117,33212/29/20061.28Emerging Markets Equity37.15-11.27
CIBC Emerging Economies93,09312/29/20062.94Emerging Markets Equity32.59-11.32
Mackenzie Univ Wld Resource Class115,0416/30/20062.64Natural Resources Equity31.68-11.35



Use's 15-year Fund Reviews to see if a fund has a history of going from boom to bust when the markets take a turn for the worse. Also, you can view last week's screen of high fliers that tumbled hardest recently on (look

under columnists, and then under my name).

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