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Robert McWhirter is president and portfolio manager of Selective Asset Management Inc. Today we look at Northwest Specialty Innovations Fund.

fund stats

Total assets$88.5-million


Management fee2%

Globe 5-Star Rating


Neo Material Tech2.69%

Timminco Ltd.2.64


Research In Motion2.55




FundGroupBMO Cdn. small cap
1 year22.48%19.4315.89
3 year14.1116.817.7
5 year21.091821.17


Allen-Vanguard (VRS-TSX)


Allen-Vanguard is a counterterrorism products supplier. Mr. McWhirter says that "this company has potential for a larger market."

Hemisphere GPS (HEM-TSX)


Mr. McWhirter believes as farmers' incomes rise, the demand for the agricultural GPS products maker will heighten.

Open Text (OTC-TSX)


The money manager believes that along with being a vibrant software company, the key opportunity here lies in the possibility of a takeover.

PAST PICKS: FEB. 28, 2007

Allen-Vanguard (VRS-TSX)

Then: $5.40 Now: $10.25

Up: 90%

WebTech Wireless (WEW-TSX)

Then: $6.48 Now: $2.94

Down: 55%


Mr. McWhirter expects equity indexes to move higher to the end of the calendar year and that U.S. 10-year bond yields will also rise. U.S. tech stocks delivered strong earnings in the third quarter and he is anticipating they will outperform over the next six to 12 months.

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