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Few success stories from the global 'wasteland'


A check to see who's making money this year in the U.S., global and international equity categories, otherwise known collectively as The Wasteland.


Simple stuff - we've taken all funds in these three categories and ranked them by their returns for the 12 months to June 30. We've also shown five-year results to provide a longer-term view of performance.


Results that can only be described as depressing if you've heeded the conventional advice to diversify your portfolio globally and not focus exclusively on Canada. Just eight funds in the U.S., global and international categories are up in the past 12 months. Also, notice how few popular U.S., global and international funds made our list. Not a single Top 10 fund, as ranked by assets, in any of these three areas makes an appearance.

The performance of the funds on our list may not look all the great in isolation, but they shine when compared to the average U.S., global and international fund returns. U.S. equity funds averaged a loss of 18.1 per cent in the past 12 months, global funds a loss of 14.6 per cent and international funds a loss of 17.2 per cent. So much for looking to global markets at a time when the Canadian stock market has been weakening.

It's worth noting that the U.S., global and international fund managers who have been successful in the past year appear not to be flukes. In many cases, the five-year returns for these funds are quite good as well. Take Mackenzie Universal International Stock, for example. It avoided losing money in the past year, quite an achievement, and returns over the past two-, three- and five-year periods are well above average. The manager of this fund, Manraj Sekhon, has figured out how to make money where most others can't.

Mackenzie Financial and Dynamic Funds are the only companies to appear a few times each on our list. Dynamic's a fund family where almost everything is going right these days. Some success in the treacherous U.S., global and international categories highlights this success.


US, Global & Int'l funds (As of June 30)
Assets ('000)Last reported1-yr %5-yr %
Fund nameCategory as of June 2008MER dateMERreturnreturn
DMP Power Global Growth ClassGlobal Equity20,5226/29/20072.6116.8
Dynamic Power Global Growth ClGlobal Equity236,4946/29/20072.6715.1 18.2
Lakeview Disp Leadership US Eq(C$)AGlobal Equity52,7376/30/20082.3714.4
Mulvihill Total ReturnGlobal Equity7.0 6.4
QFM Global Sector TargetGlobal Equity1.1
Mackenzie Univ International StockInternational Equity404,6676/29/20072.461.1 11.5
Manulife Global Opportunities ClassGlobal Equity20,7174/30/20072.700.6
Landry Morin US momentum-FU.S. Equity11/30/20052.330.3
Mackenzie Univ US Gwt Ldrs(Unhgd)ClU.S. Equity15,7866/29/20072.75-1.4
Dynamic American ValueU.S. Equity201,8966/29/20072.55-1.7 11.8
Dynamic Power American GrowthU.S. Equity209,9976/29/20072.55-1.7 11.5
Mackenzie Univ US Growth LeadersU.S. Equity15,5356/29/20072.73-2.2 0.4
Standard Life Global Eqty Focus-AGlobal Equity859-2.7
Dynamic Global Dividend ValueGlobal Equity686,8896/29/20072.61-3.3
Middlefield U.S. Growth ClassU.S. Equity1,7226/30/20082.43-3.4 4.7
TIS Preservation & GrowthGlobal Equity-3.6
Integra International EquityInternational Equity59,56012/31/20022.68-4.1 12.4
Renaissance Global FocusGlobal Equity60,5364/30/20082.63-4.4 11.1
Mackenzie Univ U.S. DivIn-T5(Hedge)U.S. Equity91,1066/30/20062.00-5.0
NexGen American Growth-CGU.S. Equity1776/30/20082.65-5.3
IG Mackenzie Ivy European-CGlobal Equity197,5186/30/20082.90-5.4 7.4
RBC U.S. Equity Currency NeutralU.S. Equity60,7056/30/20082.02-5.7
Investors U.S. Large Cap Growth-CU.S. Equity202,6116/30/20082.89-5.8 -0.1
Renaissance Global GrowthGlobal Equity49,8724/30/20082.68-6.0 7.3
RBC Select Aggressive Growth PortGlobal Equity160,9586/30/20082.03-6.2
Radiant All Equity PortfolioGlobal Equity94,0436/29/20072.80-6.4
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign EquityGlobal Equity2,220,0526/29/20072.42-6.4 3.9
imaxx Global Equity GrowthGlobal Equity10,6266/30/20082.85-6.7 6.5
Primerica Aggressive GrowthGlobal Equity708,3836/30/20082.65-7.0 12.0
Dynamic Global DiscoveryGlobal Equity716,1446/29/20072.72-7.2 14.9
Renaissance International EquityInternational Equity45,1074/30/20082.68-7.9 10.4
MD International GrowthInternational Equity234,32012/31/20071.89-7.9 8.9
FrontierAlt Oasis World-AGlobal Equity1,514-8.0
Hartford Capital Appreciation DGlobal Equity5/30/20082.00-8.5 8.0
Manulife Mawer Tax-Managed Grwth FdGlobal Equity39,64412/31/20072.60-8.6 7.0
AGF American Growth ClassU.S. Equity574,3376/30/20082.95-8.7 2.5
Renaissance Global MarketsGlobal Equity238,2194/30/20082.56-8.7 5.4


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