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Hedge funds suffer massive losses in meltdown


The stock market meltdown has been brutal. Resource stocks have been hurt by falling commodity prices. Many securities are getting hit as managers sell them to meet redemptions or margin calls.

Because hedge fund managers often pursue absolute returns in all markets and get paid fat fees to outperform, we'll take a look at those facing the roughest time.


We checked returns of funds in the alternative strategies category to this Thursday. While some are valued daily, weekly or monthly, we refer to the latest number. We excluded the U.S.-dollar and other versions of the same fund, and exchanged-traded funds.

To put this in context, the S&P/TSX composite index was off 15 per cent this year to Sept. 30, and 33 per cent until Thursday. The S&P 500 fell 21 per cent for the first nine months, and 36 per cent until Thursday.


Lots of pain.

Some hedge funds have racked up staggering losses.

DeltaOne Energy Fund, run by Peter Linder, plunged nearly 99 per cent as of Oct. 10 with nearly two-thirds of the loss coming last month as the price of oil fell sharply. His DeltaOne Strategic Energy is also down 65 per cent.

Dynamic Power Emerging Markets and Dynamic Power Hedge run by Rohit Sehgal have respectively, tumbled 70 and 60 per cent as of Oct. 10. Those funds, which rode the bull markets in developing countries and resources, have been hurt by their collapse.

Ravi Sood's Lawrence Partners Fund, which invests in smaller Canadian companies, has plummeted 57 per cent for the first nine months. The fund lost a stunning 48 per cent of its value in September.

Arrow Goodwood and Goodwood Fund-B, which are run by value investor Peter Puccetti, were each down 47 per cent by Oct. 10. His record indicates he has weathered bad markets to fight another day.

In 2002, Arrow Goodwood lost 19 per cent, but came roaring back with a 28-per-cent gain the next year.

"When the forced selling subsides, we fully expect snap backs on many of our positions," Mr. Puccetti said in his September commentary to investors. "Unfortunately...we have no idea when the credit crunch and de-leveraging phase will run its course."

Worst 30 Alternative Strategy Funds

(as of Sep. 30 '08)Last reported YTD* Sep. '08 Annualized % return
Fund name )Assets ($-milMERNAV date% rtn% rtn200720062005200420032002
DeltaOne Energy Fund LP10/10/2008-98.7-59.0-76.1-76.456.42.425.9
Dynamic Power Emerging Mkts41.511.2410/10/2008-69.5-28.140.651.7
DeltaOne Strategic Energy10/10/2008-65.2-20.01.3-30.5120.4-5.0
Dynamic Power Hedge Fund-F263.913.9410/10/2008-60.4-25.638.671.573.024.9101.5
Front Street Mining Oppor. F5.610/9/2008-58.5-25.818.256.8
Arrow U.S. Equity Income38.010/10/2008-56.9-19.0
Lawrence Partners1.759/30/2008-52.9-47.520.974.7
SciVest Oil Sands Index PLUS-A10/10/2008-50.9-27.117.9
Dynamic Contrarian122.66.3110/10/2008-50.8-24.10.650.4
Arrow Goodwood42.510/10/2008-47.0-16.8-3.79.933.715.127.7-19.2
Goodwood Fund-B102.32.4610/10/2008-46.8-16.7-3.08.526.112.727.9
Webb Cdn. Performance Fund10/16/2008-45.0-18.121.3
Salida Multi-Strategy Hedge118.09/30/2008-43.6-24.735.887.434.3
Horizons Northern Rivers Fd LP9/30/2008-39.3-14.9-3.3102.315.86.7
Arrow WF Asia24.910/10/2008-38.6-13.430.318.615.414.441.3-2.2
Arrow Epic Capital43.110/10/2008-38.6-14.115.928.526.616.765.219.8
Epic Limited Partnership78.69/30/2008-37.9-13.711.324.822.019.366.322.7
Roundtable Opportunities30.51.259/30/2008-37.8-14.2-15.3
Epic Trust-A14.49/30/2008-37.8-13.711.222.3
Arrow Enso Global43.810/10/2008-37.5-20.312.513.38.78.518.4
Northern Rivers Innovation RSP9.69/30/2008-37.5-
Arrow Elmwood Fund10.310/10/2008-36.1-18.618.9-8.9
BluMont Hirsch Performance116.33.6210/10/2008-35.7-
Front Street Canadian Hedge10/9/2008-35.7-17.39.819.013.220.6
Dynamic Strategic Value4.610/10/2008-35.6-9.3
BluMont Hirsch Long/Short33.84.9710/10/2008-34.9-12.810.
Arrow Canadian Income17.310/10/2008-34.8-14.4
Redwood Long/Short5.4510/10/2008-32.4-11.710.6-11.47.429.2
Arrow Clocktower Global4.910/10/2008-32.4-6.7-3.930.318.98.028.0
BluMont Canadian Opportunities28.72.7810/10/2008-30.7-10.75.5-1.911.912.515.81.4

* YTD % return is as of the fund's last reported NAV date


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