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Growth, income funds that gained in the rout


Today's search is for growth and income funds that have made money this year.


We used Globefund for this search. Yes, it is broad, but there aren't many funds that have made money in this rout. (The S&P/TSX composite index is down about 30 per cent this year.)

The returns shown are after management expense ratios (fees) have been deducted.


The top two gainers are sponsored by Arrow Hedge Partners Inc., a hedge fund company in Toronto. The Arrow Tetra U.S. Long/Short Hedge Fund gained 19 per cent, handily topping the list. Sarbit Global Balanced Trust, which targets equities and fixed income investments, returned 2 per cent. Its cash holdings are 62 per cent.

The rest of the list is dominated by funds with bond and other fixed-income investments. As you see, most have returns in the low single digits - nothing to write home about but certainly better than the steep declines others have faced.

Top Growth & Income funds % return (as of Sep. 30 '08)
Assets ($-mil)LatestLast ReportedYTD % return
Fund nameCategory ()as of Sep. '08MER(as of last reptd date)1-mo1-yr3-yr5-yr
Arrow Tetra US Long/ShortCanadian Neutral Balanced10/24/200819.0-1.124.6
Arrow Act II TMT FundCanadian Neutral Balanced10/24/20086.4-3.1
Trans IMS American Asset AllocationGlobal Neutral Balanced0.32.7310/29/20083.3-2.5-4.10.5-1.4
Sarbit Global Balanced TrustGlobal Equity Balanced0.12.1310/30/20082.0-1.5-0.7
KEYSTONE Balanced Growth Port PGlobal Equity Balanced10/29/20081.30.02.0
AGF Canadian Conservative IncomeCanadian Fixed Income Balanced121.91.7610/29/20080.9-
Vertex Managed Value Portfolio-ACanadian Equity Balanced65.91.549/30/20080.70.3-
KEYSTONE Conservative Portfolio PGlobal Neutral Balanced10/29/20080.70.01.3
IA Clarington Target Click 20102010 Target Date Portfolio43.61.8710/29/20080.4-
CI Select StagingCanadian Neutral Balanced0.210/29/20080.00.00.0
CIBC Very Conservative Index Po-620Canadian Fixed Income Balanced9/30/2008-0.1-
GWL Fixed Income Portfolio (G) NLCanadian Fixed Income Balanced3.62.5210/29/2008-0.4-
S&P 500 index -36.7 -9.2 -23.7 -1.8 3.2
S&P/TSX composite index -31.3 -14.7 -16.6 2.2 9.6


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