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Sector ETFs rise to the top of the list


Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the move.

ETFs are similar to mutual funds, but trade like stocks. You can get in and out of a trade without an early redemption penalty, which is a feature of mutual funds. There are fees to buy and sell ETFs, but they can be low if you deal with a discount broker.


We examined the year-to-date returns to Sept. 9 for ETFs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They include the iShares ETFs, Claymore ETFs and also the BMO ETFs, which were launched in May. We excluded BetaPro double leveraged bull and bear exchange-traded funds. In some cases, some of the gains may only reflect a few months.


Sector or specialty ETFs were at the top of the heap.

Claymore BRIC ETF has gained a robust 51 per cent as it benefited from rallying stock markets in China and Brazil. Science and technology and financial services ETFs have also done well. Fixed-income ETFs, which were in the black last year, have been the laggards this year.


How ETFs have fared this year
As of Aug. 31LatestSept. 9% returns (as of Aug. 31)
NameCategory Assets ($-mil)MERYTD % rtn20082007200620052004200320022001
Claymore BRIC ETFEmerging Markets Equity210.151.1-57.670.9
Claymore Broad Emerging Markets ETF *Emerging Markets Equity30.242.7
iShares CDN Tech Sector IndexScience and Technology Equity59.50.5541.6-49.110.732.7-13.524.258.6-59.1
Claymore Equal Wght Banc&Lifeco ETFFinancial Services Equity25.238.4-36.8
iShares CDN Financial Sector IndexFinancial Services Equity939.80.5538.0-35.8-1.321.
Claymore S&P/TSX Global Mining ETFPrecious Metals Equity34.836.5-38.8
Claymore Oil Sands Sector ETFNatural Resources Equity28.20.6035.0-54.222.7
Claymore Cdn Fundamental Index ETFCanadian Equity68.134.4-31.67.3
iShares CDN SmallCap IndexCanadian Small or Mid Cap Equity46.40.5533.9-45.4
Claymore Global Monthly Adv Div ETFCanadian Small or Mid Cap Equity24.933.9
iShares CDN REIT Sector IndexReal Estate Equity681.50.5533.9-38.3-6.026.824.313.124.4
iShares CDN Value IndexCanadian Dividend and Income Equity39.10.5033.1-34.05.8
iShares CDN Jantzi Social IndexCanadian Equity20.60.5031.1-35.5
iShares CDN MidCap IndexCanadian Equity132.50.5527.5-38.85.317.821.321.627.9-11.5
Claymore US Fund Index ETFnonhedged *U.S. Equity1.326.9
iShares CDN Energy Sector IndexNatural Resources Equity726.50.5526.3-35.910.64.060.629.524.211.7
iShares CDN Dividend IndexCanadian Dividend and Income Equity450.30.5026.1-30.9-0.815.5
iShares CDN Composite IndexCanadian Equity740.10.2524.8-33.09.518.927.013.625.2-14.1
iShares CDN LargeCap 60 IndexCanadian Equity9951.80.1724.1-31.110.921.525.913.625.2-12.5-16.4
Claymore US Fundamental Index ETFU.S. Equity65.90.6523.9-42.6-2.9
iShares CDN Materials Sector IndexNatural Resources Equity242.40.5523.2-26.829.548.4
Claymore S&P/TSX Pref Share ETFCanadian Dividend and Income Equity242.223.1-17.1
Claymore Dividend & Income ETFCanadian Dividend and Income Equity69.80.6022.9-30.46.3
Claymore International Index ETFInternational Equity72.519.1-30.8
iShares CDN Income Trust Sector IdxCanadian Income Trust Equity201.60.5518.8-25.96.0-3.2
Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver ETF *Alternative Strategies21.317.0
iShares CDN Russell 2000 IndexU.S. Small or Mid Cap Equity35.20.3516.8-38.8
MSCI World ($ Cdn)-26.1-
S&P 500 Composite ($ Cdn)-23.8-12.213.6-
S&P/TSX Composite Index22.4-
S&P/TSX Total Return25.3-33.09.817.324.114.526.7-12.4-12.6
Source: Globe Investor

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