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Many funds, one admirable trait: consistency

What we're looking at

An all-star team of widely available funds in all categories, as defined by their consistency in the short and long term.

Our screen

The funds on this list (ranked by assets) have accomplished something impressive - first quartile returns in the 12 months, five years and 10 years to July 31. Quartiles divide funds in a category in four groupings - first quartile is the elite. Excluded from the list were funds with high upfront minimum purchase requirements, pooled funds and segregated funds.

What we found

Before we get into details, let's take a moment to appreciate what these funds have done through the challenging market conditions of the past several years. There have been moments where conservative funds have shone during this period, and moments where a more performance-oriented approach has worked best. These funds have mastered their environment through everything we've seen, and that's impressive.

In this list, you'll find the most popular funds that made it through our screen. Notice how TD Asset Management and Dynamic Funds dominate the Top 10 with four funds apiece.

Don't assume the funds on this list are right for you simply because of their admirable consistency. Take TD Canadian Equity and Dynamic Power Canadian Growth, for example. Both fell hard in 2008 - worse than average for their categories, and worse than the S&P/TSX composite index. Buy-and-hold investors have been well rewarded with these funds, but past experience shows you have to be able to withstand a nasty dip.


Kings of Consistency (ranked by assets)
As of July, 2010 As of July 31
Name Category Assets ($millions) LatestMER 1-yr (%) 5-yr (%) 10-yr (%)
TD Canadian BondCdn. Fixed Income9,386.621.057.714.486.20
TD Monthly IncomeCdn. Equity Balanced4,477.901.4011.994.479.06
CI Signature High IncomeGlobal Neutral Balanced3,732.171.5419.163.9210.34
TD Canadian EquityCdn. Focused Equity3,038.302.0715.214.755.53
TD Short-Term BondCdn. Short Term Fixed Income2,881.981.054.053.864.75
Dynamic Power BalancedCdn. Neutral Balanced1,885.982.1111.276.687.40
Dynamic Power Canadian GrowthCdn. Focused Equity1,751.032.4013.864.736.54
Dynamic Value Fund of CanadaCdn. Focused Equity1,716.062.4112.558.329.24
Dynamic Value BalancedGlobal Neutral Balanced1,577.052.3614.975.637.01
MD DividendCdn. Equity Balanced1,303.461.4410.753.746.19
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Balanced 'C'Global Neutral Balanced1,280.482.3815.332.255.76
AGF Emerging MarketsEmerging Markets Equity1,032.332.9520.8113.8910.14
PH&N Total Return Bond-DCdn. Fixed Income854.320.577.264.886.46
PH&N Bond-DCdn. Fixed Income813.090.587.555.056.45
Dynamic Global Value FundGlobal Equity778.972.4515.402.140.61
MD MoneyCdn. Money Market769.340.560.262.462.62
National Bank Small CapitalizationCdn. Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity532.542.3528.386.918.46
PH&N Canadian Money Market-DCdn. Money Market474.100.320.182.552.66
Sceptre Equity Growth-ACdn. Small or Mid Cap Equity370.151.5834.706.6212.01
Dynamic American ValueU.S. Equity369.272.4411.581.550.34
Beutel Goodman Small CapCdn. Small or Mid Cap Equity359.011.4434.998.8611.85
Fidelity Far East-BAsia Pacific ex-Japan Equity326.462.337.809.623.74
Mawer World InvestmentInternational Equity321.321.518.821.601.43
PH&N Short Term Bond & Mtg-DCdn. Short Term Fixed Income278.610.584.624.305.16
Mackenzie Saxon Balanced-SICdn. Equity Balanced256.442.0212.523.618.19
IG Beutel Goodman Cdn. Small-Cap-CCdn. Small or Mid Cap Equity251.483.1133.457.1410.18
RBC North American ValueCdn. Focused Equity243.262.0011.315.946.25

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