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The portfolio

Includes shares in Apache Corp., Valero Energy Corp., Hennessy Gas Utility Index Fund and Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc.

The investor

For the past nine years, Jennifer Warren has researched energy trends and sustainability issues, authoring articles on these topics for publications such as the Far Eastern Economic Review, Economist Intelligence Unit and Energy Trends Insider ( She has a master's degree from the London School of Economics.

How she invests

Her portfolio is diversified across bonds, commodities and stocks. The stocks are spread over different industries and geographic regions but have a tilt toward energy and sustainability plays, an area where Ms. Warren feels her energy expertise can be put to use selecting investments.

Apache Corp.'s "smart asset mix" includes North American shale properties and liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunities. Management is sensitive to environmental issues and focused on pruning worldwide holdings down to a core group poised to deliver production growth.

Valero Energy Corp. is a refiner that has the capacity to handle "the increasing production of light, sweet crude oil coming from U.S. shale oil fields." It is also in a position to increase exports of refined products to Latin America.

The Hennessy Gas Utility Index Fund provides broad exposure to natural gas firms. She expects the demand for natural gas to increase, and likes "the income and growth potential that the fund has consistently proven."

Best move

Buying shares in Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc., a specialty finance company that provides capital for environmentally friendly infrastructure projects.

Worst move

Selling Hannon Armstrong when it dipped and repurchasing it at a higher price.


Pay attention to economic fundamentals, the business climate and overarching trends. Seek realistic, steady returns. Know your investment comfort zone.

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