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  1. 'We're back from the abyss' Salida Capital and its high-octane hedge funds were flying high - until last fall's perfect storm. Now it's aiming to pick up where it left off. By Joanna Pachner SALIDA BACK ON ASXVBJJKL BXV BB AJSX A

  2. Growth, income funds that gained in the rout

  3. Epic shutters top hedge fund

  4. Hedge funds taking it on chin; losses expected to fuel mergers

  5. Hedge funds face struggle for survival

  6. For mutual fund industry, 130/30 is the new black

  7. RRSP season raises fear factor

  8. Commodity price slide expected to nip hedge fund gains

  9. Trader who bet wrong on gas departs Amaranth

  10. What price institutional investment?


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