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  1. In wake of Sino-Forest debacle, fund managers grow wary of Chinese stocks

  2. A raw-meat kind of guy

  3. Keeping Up With JONES

  4. Fund startup lands a dragon in the Canoe

  5. Time to take advantage of gloomy U.S. markets

  6. The Kevin O'Leary machine

  7. Training to ride the bull

  8. Building wealth by being 'fussy on price'

  9. The secret to outperforming the real estate market

  10. 'We're back from the abyss' Salida Capital and its high-octane hedge funds were flying high - until last fall's perfect storm. Now it's aiming to pick up where it left off. By Joanna Pachner SALIDA BACK ON ASXVBJJKL BXV BB AJSX A

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