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  1. Stock funds that have stood the test of time

  2. It's all about DundeeWealth's people

  3. Where to buy a dollar for 80 cents

  4. Stars and dogs of 2008 trade places

  5. Sticking to strategy

  6. Hedge funds on top in five-year snapshot

  7. 'We're back from the abyss' Salida Capital and its high-octane hedge funds were flying high - until last fall's perfect storm. Now it's aiming to pick up where it left off. By Joanna Pachner SALIDA BACK ON ASXVBJJKL BXV BB AJSX A

  8. Investors place their bets on long-term mutual funds

  9. Funds that are winners, no matter what the fee

  10. Battered, but bouncing back


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