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Generate Reports

With, you can generate reports that show the performance of funds in very specific and personal ways.

How Do You Want to Look at Fund Performance?

By asset class? By RRSP eligibility? By fund company? By 5 year performance? By load type? lets you report on fund performance the way you want to!

The Fund Report allows you to see current price and performance information for different time periods. You select the funds you want in your Fund Report in 2 different ways - using the Fund Selector or the Fund Filter. The Fund Filter allows you to be very specific about which funds you are interested in.

The Standard version of the Fund Report shows fund performance for 30 days, 1, 3, and 5 years. This is the version of the report that is displayed first. There are tabs at the top of the Fund Report which you can click on to display a Short-term, Long-term, Simple Annual Return, Quartile Rankings or Key Facts Report.

What's Up and What's Down?

The Top Movers Report allows you to see the funds with the largest change in fund price over different time periods from 1 day to 15 years. You can choose to see a Top Movers report that is based on the latest reported fund price (usually the previous day's closing price) or a report that is based on the price at the close of the previous month.

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