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Frequently Asked Questions
Mutual fund prices and performance

What types of mutual funds can I track on your Web site? Can I track stocks?

Our Web site provides data on over 4,300 mutual funds available for sale in Canada. This includes virtually all open-end mutual funds, index funds, segregated funds and Canadian mutual funds valued in U.S. dollars. The Noteworthy section of site lists new funds as they are added.

Our site does not provide pricing information for GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates), bonds, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), or closed-end funds. In general, we do not cover pension funds, as they can only be purchased through a particular employer.

A 'rule of thumb': If a mutual fund is listed in The Globe and Mail, it should be listed on our site as well. If you are unable to find a mutual fund, even after conducting a search using Fund Selector, please contact us.

For comprehensive quotes for stocks on all major North American exchanges, visit

Globe Portfolio, our powerful portfolio tracking tool, allows you to track your Canadian mutual funds, North American stocks and other investments. Find out more about Globe Portfolio.

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I can't find a fund I'm interested in following. Could it be under a different name on your Web site?

There are two ways to find a fund. The first is to use Fund Selector - Option A: Select a fund company. If you have already tried that option, then use the table below as you may have been looking under the wrong fund company name.

Your other choice is to use Fund Selector - Option C: Select by entering a fund name, which lets you search by entering part or all of a fund name. For example: Type "technology" to get a list of all funds with the word "technology" in the name. If the results show a fund you would like to add to your fundlist, click in the checkbox to the left of the fund name to leave a mark and click the grey Update Fundlist button at the top of the report.

Name Fund Company Name
20/20 AGF Management Limited
Altafund Altafund Investment Corp.
Altum Evolution FM Inc.
APEX Seaboard Life Insurance Co.
Artisan Assante Asset Management Ltd.
Atlas Mutual Funds Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Canada Inc.
Azura Evolution FM Inc.
Bissett & Associates Franklin Templeton Investments
BPI Mutual Funds BPI Mutual Funds and CI Mutual Funds have merged. The BPI Funds may now be found under the fund company name CI Mutual Funds.
Cambridge Sagit Management Ltd.
Canada Trust TD Asset Management Inc.
Canadian Medical Discoveries Talvest Fund Management Inc.
Centrepost Mutual Funds StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Clean Environment Mutual Funds Acuity Funds Ltd.
Cundill Security funds
Cundill Value funds
Mackenzie Financial
Desjardins Fiducie Desjardins
Hansberger CI Mutual Funds
Harbour CI Mutual Funds
Horizons First Horizons
ICM Integra Capital Management Corp.
Industrial Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Ivy Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Keystone Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Loring Ward Invest Counsel Ltd. Assante Asset Management Ltd.
Lotus (MKW) HSBC Asset Management Canada Ltd.
Marathon Mutual Funds Northwest Mutual Funds Inc.
MAXXUM funds Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Millennia III Imperial Life Financial
Navigator Fund Company StrategicNova Mutual Funds
O'Donnell StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Optima Assante Asset Management Ltd.
Ordre des ingenieurs de Quebec Gestion FERIQUE
Pooled Pension Trust Canadian Equity [Canadian Equity Plus under PHN Group] Stopped tracking in 1995; not a mutual fund.
Rothschild funds Investors Group
The Rothschild fund names begin with the letters GS.
Scudder Maxxum Co.Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Strategic Value Series of Funds StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Star Mackenzie Financial Corp.
SVC O'Donnell Funds Mgmt. Inc. StrategicNova Mutual Funds
Synchrony Maritime Life Assurance Co.
Templeton Mgmt. Ltd. Franklin Templeton Investments
Trimark funds AIM Funds Management Inc.
Universal Mackenzie Financial Corp.
Westbury Cdn Life Ins RBC Insurance
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What time are closing prices available?

Prices should be up by 7:15 p.m. EST daily, after the markets close and we get prices from the fund companies. We are continually working to update our database as early as possible and are working with the fund companies supplying us with the data to do so.

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When are the month-end returns updated? Is there a schedule that will tell me when data is updated on the site? FeatureApproximate Time of Update
Daily PricesPrices are updated at approximately 7:15 p.m. EST each business day.
GLOBE PortfolioPortfolios are updated at approximately 8 p.m. EST each business day.
Month-end ReturnsUpdated approximately the 6th business day of the following month.
Distributions, Management Expense Ratio (MER), Total Net AssetsUpdated approximately the 6th business day of the month.
Top Holdings, Portfolio Composition, Sector Weightings on the Fund receives this data from the fund companies on a quarterly basis and it is posted on a first-come-first-served basis.
Portfolio Manager Profile on the Fund ProfileUpdates are made as changes occur.

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Do you have historical price listings? Can I get the price of a fund on a past date?

If you are looking for a fund price on one particular date after December 31, 1997, you can look up the price if you have registered with Globe Portfolio. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Globe Portfolio main page, click Funds-Record Buy/Sell.
  2. Choose the fund you want the price for from the pull-down list beside Select Fund. If the fund is not in the list, click Add Fund and add the fund to your portfolio using the Add Fund option.
  3. Enter the date in the date fields in the format yyyy mm dd. Globe Portfolio has daily market prices after December 31, 1997, and month-end prices since fund inception.
  4. Click the circle beside # Units and type 1 in the adjacent box.
  5. Click either Buy. No real units will be bought or sold.
  6. A confirmation screen appears showing the price for that day. Do not click Add to Portfolio or the information will be recorded in your portfolio.
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