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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a way I can find out what new funds and features you have added to the site?

Click here to visit our Noteworthy section, where you'll find information about new funds on our site, fund name changes, fund manager changes and announcements about enhancements to the site.

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Can I export data to Quicken, Microsoft Money, or Excel?

Unfortunately, you cannot download the data on into another application such as Microsoft Excel, Money or Quicken. We will certainly put a notice on the Noteworthy part of the site when we have this capability.

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Can I do an advanced search for specific subjects in The Globe and Mail or Daily Commentary?

Click here for our Advanced Search.

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Do you have a list of recent fund manager changes?

Click here for a list of recent fund manager changes.

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Do you have a resource centre that has a glossary, information on getting started with mutual funds, or how to be a wise investor?

Click here to visit our Resource Centre

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