Data supplied by Bell Globemedia Interactive. December 31, 2000 closing net asset value per share, capital gains for the year, income distributions for the year, total distributions for the year, December 31, 2001 closing net asset value per share, and 1 year % change. nil indicates no distributions, (-) indicates no data available.

  Dec. 31, 2000Dec. 31, 2001
FUNDNAVCapital GainIncomeTotal DistributionNAV% Chng
Imperial Growth Canadian Equity31.36nilnilnil28.86-8.0
Imperial Growth Diversified26.72nilnilnil25.69-3.9
Imperial Growth Money Market18.31nilnilnil18.88+3.1
Imperial Gwth North American Equ24.51nilnilnil22.49-8.2
Millennia III American Equity 18.39nilnilnil7.17-14.5
Millennia III American Equity 28.30nilnilnil7.08-14.7
Millennia III American Equity 38.46nilnilnil7.27-14.0
Millennia III American Equity 48.38nilnilnil7.19-14.2
Millennia III B Bond 35.23nilnilnil5.48+4.8
Millennia III B Bond 45.23nilnilnil5.48+4.7
Millennia III B Canadian Equity 35.47nilnilnil5.55+1.5
Millennia III B Canadian Equity 45.46nilnilnil5.54+1.4
Millennia III B Dividend Income 35.81nilnilnil6.13+5.6
Millennia III B Dividend Income 45.80nilnilnil6.12+5.4
Millennia III B Small Cap 35.39nilnilnil5.88+9.1
Millennia III B Small Cap 45.40nilnilnil5.88+9.0
Millennia III Cdn. Balanced 17.31nilnilnil6.83-6.5
Millennia III Cdn. Balanced 27.24nilnilnil6.75-6.7
Millennia III Cdn. Balanced 37.37nilnilnil6.93-6.0
Millennia III Cdn. Balanced 47.30nilnilnil6.85-6.1
Millennia III Cdn. Dividend 15.84nilnilnil5.82-.4
Millennia III Cdn. Dividend 25.81nilnilnil5.78-.6
Millennia III Cdn. Dividend 35.90nilnilnil5.91+.2
Millennia III Cdn. Dividend 45.88nilnilnil5.89+.1
Millennia III Cdn. Equity 17.83nilnilnil7.04-10.1
Millennia III Cdn. Equity 27.76nilnilnil6.96-10.3
Millennia III Cdn. Equity 37.89nilnilnil7.14-9.6
Millennia III Cdn. Equity 47.85nilnilnil7.09-9.7
Millennia III European Equity 35.79nilnilnil5.07-12.4
Millennia III European Equity 45.77nilnilnil5.05-12.5
Millennia III Global Balanced 34.97nilnilnil4.57-8.0
Millennia III Global Balanced 44.96nilnilnil4.56-8.1
Millennia III Income 16.42nilnilnil6.75+5.2
Millennia III Income 26.36nilnilnil6.68+5.0
Millennia III Income 36.45nilnilnil6.81+5.6
Millennia III Income 46.38nilnilnil6.73+5.5
Millennia III Int'l Equity 16.73nilnilnil5.62-16.5
Millennia III Int'l Equity 26.66nilnilnil5.55-16.7
Millennia III Int'l Equity 36.75nilnilnil5.66-16.3
Millennia III Int'l Equity 46.70nilnilnil5.60-16.4
Millennia III MB American Equ Gwt 35.01nilnilnil5.01-.1
Millennia III MB American Equ Gwt 45.01nilnilnil5.01-.1
Millennia III MB Balanced Growth 35.06nilnilnil5.04-.4
Millennia III MB Balanced Growth 45.05nilnilnil5.03-.5
Millennia III MB Can Equity Gwth 35.12nilnilnil4.85-5.4
Millennia III MB Can Equity Gwth 45.12nilnilnil4.84-5.4
Millennia III MB Can Equity Value 35.60nilnilnil5.75+2.6
Millennia III MB Can Equity Value 45.60nilnilnil5.75+2.6
Millennia III MB Fixed Income 35.24nilnilnil5.54+5.9
Millennia III MB Fixed Income 45.23nilnilnil5.53+5.8
Millennia III MB Int'l Equ Growth 34.62nilnilnil3.77-18.3
Millennia III MB Int'l Equ Growth 44.62nilnilnil3.77-18.4
Millennia III Money Market 15.88nilnilnil6.07+3.2
Millennia III Money Market 25.82nilnilnil6.00+3.0
Millennia III Money Market 35.89nilnilnil6.08+3.2
Millennia III Money Market 45.86nilnilnil6.05+3.1
Millennia III N.A. Small Co. 15.86nilnilnil5.93+1.2
Millennia III N.A. Small Co. 25.83nilnilnil5.88+1.0
Millennia III N.A. Small Co. 35.90nilnilnil6.00+1.6
Millennia III N.A. Small Co. 45.90nilnilnil5.98+1.5
Millennia III Tal Glo Asst All RSP35.01nilnilnil4.60-8.2
Millennia III Tal Glo Asst All RSP45.01nilnilnil4.60-8.2
Millennia III Talvest Balanced Po 34.94nilnilnil4.79-3.1
Millennia III Talvest Balanced Po 44.94nilnilnil4.78-3.2
Millennia III Talvest Conser Port 35.01nilnilnil4.96-1.0
Millennia III Talvest Conser Port 45.01nilnilnil4.95-1.1
Millennia III Talvest Gl Bond RSP 35.18nilnilnil5.48+5.7
Millennia III Talvest Gl Bond RSP 45.18nilnilnil5.47+5.6
Millennia III Talvest Global Equ 34.67nilnilnil4.36-6.7
Millennia III Talvest Global Equ 44.67nilnilnil4.34-7.0
Millennia III Talvest Growth Port 34.85nilnilnil4.53-6.7
Millennia III Talvest Growth Port 44.85nilnilnil4.52-6.8
Imperial Life Pool Bal Growth (M) 126.15nil.0801.080126.74+2.6
Imperial Life Pool Bal Growth (M) 215.04nil.3202.320215.18+3.2
Imperial Life Pool Balanced (Tri) 113.15nil.1510.151015.05+15.7
Imperial Life Pool Balanced (Tri) 211.94nil.3682.368213.38+15.4
Imperial Life Pool Capped Cd Indx 110.00nil.0113.01139.29-7.0
Imperial Life Pool Capped Cd Indx 210.00nil.1634.16349.14-7.0
Imperial Life Pool Cdn Bond (M) 113.10nil.0423.042314.19+8.7
Imperial Life Pool Cdn Bond (M) 212.20nil.2721.272112.89+8.0
Imperial Life Pool Cdn Equ (Scud) 112.07nil.1162.116211.59-3.0
Imperial Life Pool Cdn Equ (Scud) 211.89nil.3213.321311.13-3.6
Imperial Life Pool Cdn Growth (M) 116.18nil.0480.048016.30+1.0
Imperial Life Pool Cdn Growth (M) 215.98nil.3284.328415.74+.6
Imperial Life Pool Conserv Divers 1171.18nil.4778.4778166.28-2.6
Imperial Life Pool Conserv Divers 220.41nil.3993.399319.45-2.8
Imperial Life Pool Enhanced Mtg 1202.14nil.9345.9345216.03+7.3
Imperial Life Pool Enhanced Mtg 214.32nil.3391.339114.97+7.0
Imperial Life Pool Equity (Tri) 113.28nil.1452.145213.94+6.1
Imperial Life Pool Equity (Tri) 212.30nil.3610.361012.64+5.8
Imperial Life Pool Equity 1433.02nil1.07691.0769401.27-7.1
Imperial Life Pool Equity 219.42nil.3760.376017.63-7.3
Imperial Life Pool Global Bal 110.18nil.0461.04619.58-5.5
Imperial Life Pool Global Bal 29.91nil.2199.21999.13-5.7
Imperial Life Pool Global Equ (T) 115.88nil.1784.178417.83+13.5
Imperial Life Pool Global Equ (T) 214.72nil.4467.446716.18+13.2
Imperial Life Pool Global Gwt (M) 118.34nil.0841.084117.03-6.7
Imperial Life Pool Global Gwt (M) 217.22nil.3779.377915.67-6.8
Imperial Life Pool Gwth (Bissett) 113.07nil.0817.081713.54+4.3
Imperial Life Pool Gwth (Bissett) 212.63nil.3089.308912.87+4.5
Imperial Life Pool Int'l Opport 114.49nil.0895.089513.08-9.1
Imperial Life Pool Int'l Opport 213.27nil.3097.309711.72-9.5
Imperial Life Pool Money Market 145.85nil.0549.054948.01+4.8
Imperial Life Pool Money Market 212.64nil.2550.255013.07+5.4
Imperial Life Pool N.A. Small Co 112.00nil.0553.055312.42+4.0
Imperial Life Pool N.A. Small Co 211.65nil.2620.262011.75+3.2
Imperial Life Pool Small Cap (B) 111.88nil.0770.077013.25+12.3
Imperial Life Pool Small Cap (B) 211.50nil.2923.292312.62+12.4
Imperial Life Pool Strategic Bond 1293.99nil.7328.7328316.02+7.8
Imperial Life Pool Strategic Bond 215.98nil.3376.337616.84+7.5
Imperial Life Pool US Index-Plus 118.72nil.0296.029616.34-12.6
Imperial Life Pool US Index-Plus 217.38nil.3177.317714.91-12.4
IAP Bonds16.13nilnilnil17.06+5.8
IAP Bonds - serie 210.90nilnilnil11.56+6.0
IAP Canadian Equity (Bissett)12.40nilnilnil12.65+2.0
IAP Canadian Equity Value23.44nilnilnil24.07+2.7
IAP Diversified20.88nilnilnil20.87+.0
IAP Diversified Opportunity13.06nilnilnil12.69-2.8
IAP Diversified Security11.56nilnilnil11.75+1.7
IAP Dividends13.53nilnilnil14.46+6.9
IAP Ecflx Asian Pacific3.44nilnilnil3.17-7.9
IAP Ecflx Bissett Bonds10.37nilnilnil10.96+5.6
IAP Ecflx Boomernomicsnilnilnil10.72+.0
IAP Ecflx Canadian Advantage11.11nilnilnil11.21+.9
IAP Ecflx Canadian Equity (Dynamic)nilnilnil7.43+.0
IAP Ecflx Canadian Equity Growthnilnilnil11.08+.0
IAP Ecflx Canadian Equity Indexnilnilnil11.46+.0
IAP Ecflx Emerging Markets7.48nilnilnil7.34-1.9
IAP Ecflx Global Bonds8.77nilnilnil9.01+2.7
IAP Ecflx Global Equity7.23nilnilnil5.95-17.8
IAP Ecflx Global Equity (Templeton)nilnilnil11.81+.0
IAP Ecflx Global Financial Ser (CI)nilnilnil10.29+.0
IAP Ecflx Global Health Care (Tal)nilnilnil11.36+.0
IAP Ecflx Global Technology (ABN)nilnilnil13.68+.0
IAP Ecflx Intl Equity (MB)nilnilnil11.08+.0
IAP Ecflx Mortgages14.84nilnilnil15.86+6.9
IAP Ecflx NL Diversified9.34nilnilnil8.77-6.2
IAP Ecflx NL Stock8.12nilnilnil7.03-13.4
IAP Ecflx U.S. Equity (Legg Mason)nilnilnil11.10+.0
IAP European Equity (ABN Amro)9.38nilnilnil7.26-22.6
IAP Fidelity Canadian Growth Co13.80nilnilnil13.39-3.0
IAP Fidelity Cdn Asset Allocation10.02nilnilnil9.89-1.3
IAP Fidelity European Growth9.92nilnilnil8.61-13.2
IAP Fidelity True North14.40nilnilnil13.94-3.2
IAP Global Equity (ABN Amro)9.06nilnilnil7.14-21.2
IAP Income11.12nilnilnil11.79+6.1
IAP International Equity Index9.49nilnilnil7.51-20.8
IAP International Equity(Templeton)16.62nilnilnil14.30-14.0
IAP Money Market14.38nilnilnil14.87+3.4
IAP Multi-Management Div Aggressive9.54nilnilnil8.82-7.5
IAP Multi-Management Diversified Op9.67nilnilnil9.10-5.9
IAP Multi-Management Equity9.45nilnilnil8.54-9.6
IAP Select Canadian14.66nilnilnil13.73-6.4
IAP U.S. DAQ Equity8.70nilnilnil5.99-31.2
IAP U.S. Equity (AGF)20.43nilnilnil16.49-19.3
IAP U.S. Equity Index13.21nilnilnil11.93-9.7
IA Ecflx Asian Pacific3.44nilnilnil3.17-7.9
IA Ecflx Bissett Bonds10.37nilnilnil10.96+5.6
IA Ecflx Bonds16.13nilnilnil17.06+5.8
IA Ecflx Bonds - serie 210.90nilnilnil11.56+6.0
IA Ecflx Boomernomicsnilnilnil10.72+.0
IA Ecflx Canadian Advantage11.11nilnilnil11.21+.9
IA Ecflx Canadian Equity (Bissett)12.40nilnilnil12.65+2.0
IA Ecflx Canadian Equity (Dynamic)nilnilnil7.43+.0
IA Ecflx Canadian Equity Growthnilnilnil11.08+.0
IA Ecflx Canadian Equity Indexnilnilnil11.46+.0
IA Ecflx Canadian Equity Value23.44nilnilnil24.07+2.7
IA Ecflx Diversified20.88nilnilnil20.87+.0
IA Ecflx Diversified Opportunity13.06nilnilnil12.69-2.8
IA Ecflx Diversified Security11.56nilnilnil11.75+1.7
IA Ecflx Dividends13.53nilnilnil14.46+6.9
IA Ecflx Emerging Markets7.48nilnilnil7.34-1.9
IA Ecflx European Equity (ABN AMRO)9.38nilnilnil7.26-22.6
IA Ecflx Fidelity Canadian Gwth Com13.80nilnilnil13.39-3.0
IA Ecflx Fidelity Cdn Asset Alloc10.02nilnilnil9.89-1.3
IA Ecflx Fidelity European Growth9.92nilnilnil8.61-13.2
IA Ecflx Fidelity True North14.40nilnilnil13.94-3.2
IA Ecflx Glo Health Care (Talvest)nilnilnil11.36+.0
IA Ecflx Global Bonds8.77nilnilnil9.01+2.7
IA Ecflx Global Equity7.23nilnilnil5.95-17.8
IA Ecflx Global Equity (ABN AMRO)9.06nilnilnil7.14-21.2
IA Ecflx Global Equity (Templeton)nilnilnil11.81+.0
IA Ecflx Global Financial Serv (CI)nilnilnil10.29+.0
IA Ecflx Global Technology (ABN)nilnilnil13.68+.0
IA Ecflx Income11.12nilnilnil11.79+6.1
IA Ecflx International Equity Index9.49nilnilnil7.51-20.8
IA Ecflx Intl Equity (McLean)nilnilnil11.08+.0
IA Ecflx Intl Equity (Templeton)16.62nilnilnil14.30-14.0
IA Ecflx Money Market14.38nilnilnil14.87+3.4
IA Ecflx Mortgages14.84nilnilnil15.86+6.9
IA Ecflx Multi-Management Equity9.40nilnilnil8.54-9.2
IA Ecflx Multi-Mng Div Aggressive9.54nilnilnil8.82-7.5
IA Ecflx Multi-Mng Diversified Opp9.67nilnilnil9.10-5.9
IA Ecflx NL Diversified9.34nilnilnil8.77-6.2
IA Ecflx NL Stock8.12nilnilnil7.03-13.4
IA Ecflx Select Canadian14.66nilnilnil13.73-6.4
IA Ecflx U.S. DAQ Index8.70nilnilnil5.99-31.2
IA Ecflx U.S. Equity (AGF)20.43nilnilnil16.49-19.3
IA Ecflx U.S. Equity (Legg Mason)nilnilnil11.10+.0
IA Ecflx U.S. Equity Index13.21nilnilnil11.93-9.7
IA DIPLOMA RESPnilnilnil9.13+.0
IA Group Asian Pacific3.60nilnilnil3.42-5.1
IA Group Bissett Bonds10.86nilnilnil11.76+8.2
IA Group Bonds82.65nilnilnil89.34+8.1
IA Group Bonds (Brinson)10.35nilnilnil11.09+7.1
IA Group Bonds (Knight Bain)10.33nilnilnil11.18+8.2
IA Group Bonds (McLean Budden)10.41nilnilnil11.22+7.8
IA Group Bonds (Perigee)10.33nilnilnil11.03+6.7
IA Group Bonds - serie 211.58nilnilnil12.54+8.3
IA Group Boomernomicsnilnilnil10.82+.0
IA Group Canadian Equity (AGF)13.23nilnilnil13.46+1.8
IA Group Canadian Equity (Bissett)13.17nilnilnil13.86+5.2
IA Group Canadian Equity (Brinson)9.98nilnilnil8.76-12.2
IA Group Canadian Equity (Dynamic)nilnilnil8.06+.0
IA Group Canadian Equity (Perigee)8.26nilnilnil7.31-11.6
IA Group Canadian Equity Growthnilnilnil11.16+.0
IA Group Canadian Equity Indexnilnilnil11.55+.0
IA Group Canadian Equity Value180.70nilnilnil190.88+5.6
IA Group Cdn Equ Index (Small Cap.)12.02nilnilnil12.47+3.7
IA Group Cdn Equity (McLean Budden)10.62nilnilnil10.72+1.0
IA Group CdnEquity (Knight Bain)8.42nilnilnil7.62-9.5
IA Group Diversif (McLean Budden)9.69nilnilnil9.95+2.7
IA Group Diversified35.58nilnilnil36.58+2.8
IA Group Diversified (Brinson)9.56nilnilnil9.16-4.2
IA Group Diversified (Jarislowsky)nilnilnil10.59+.0
IA Group Diversified (Knight Bain)9.35nilnilnil9.06-3.1
IA Group Diversified (Perigee)9.26nilnilnil8.79-5.0
IA Group Diversified Opportunity13.80nilnilnil13.80+.0
IA Group Diversified Security12.20nilnilnil12.75+4.5
IA Group Dividends14.39nilnilnil15.71+9.2
IA Group Emerging Markets8.78nilnilnil8.98+2.3
IA Group European Equity (ABN AMRO)9.38nilnilnil7.46-20.5
IA Group Fidelity Cdn Asset Alloc10.03nilnilnil10.24+2.0
IA Group Fidelity Cdn Growth Co14.71nilnilnil14.75+.3
IA Group Fidelity European Growth10.55nilnilnil9.47-10.3
IA Group Fidelity True North15.33nilnilnil15.34+.1
IA Group Global Bonds9.47nilnilnil9.94+5.0
IA Group Global Eq ( McLean Budden)9.78nilnilnil9.12-6.7
IA Group Global Equity7.56nilnilnil6.41-15.2
IA Group Global Equity (ABN AMRO)9.07nilnilnil7.36-18.9
IA Group Global Equity (Templeton)nilnilnil11.91+.0
IA Group Growth and Income (AGF)12.43nilnilnil12.46+.2
IA Group Income11.82nilnilnil12.81+8.4
IA Group Internat'l Equ (Templeton)18.70nilnilnil16.64-11.1
IA Group International Equ (McLean)nilnilnil11.17+.0
IA Group International Equity Index9.77nilnilnil7.95-18.6
IA Group Money Market15.23nilnilnil15.98+5.0
IA Group Mortgages73.04nilnilnil79.77+9.2
IA Group Multi-Management Div Aggr9.58nilnilnil9.13-4.7
IA Group Multi-Management Diver Opp9.71nilnilnil9.41-3.1
IA Group Multi-Management Diversif9.90nilnilnil9.79-1.1
IA Group Multi-Management Equity9.41nilnilnil8.84-6.1
IA Group NL Diversified10.06nilnilnil9.70-3.6
IA Group NL Stock8.74nilnilnil7.78-11.0
IA Group U.S. DAQ Index8.96nilnilnil6.34-29.3
IA Group U.S. Equity (AGF)22.81nilnilnil19.02-16.6
IA Group U.S. Equity (Legg Mason)nilnilnil11.20+.0
IA Group U.S. Equity Index14.29nilnilnil13.26-7.2
ING Austral-Asia Equity10.05.1157nil.115710.29+3.6
ING Austral-Asia Equity RSP10.01nil.3621.36219.97+3.2
ING Canadian Balanced10.68nilnilnil10.23-4.2
ING Canadian Bond9.97.0788.3494.428210.12+5.9
ING Canadian Communications10.11nilnilnil7.86-22.3
ING Canadian Equity10.39nilnilnil9.16-11.8
ING Canadian Financial Services10.20.3375nil.337510.25+3.8
ING Canadian Money Market10.00nil.3129.312910.00+3.2
ING Canadian Resources10.37.9555nil.955510.19+7.5
ING Canadian Small Cap Equity10.37.7747nil.774711.25+16.0
ING Emerging Markets Equity10.05nil.1222.122210.10+1.7
ING Europe Equity10.23nil.0512.05128.38-17.6
ING Europe Equity RSP10.05nilnilnil8.25-17.9
ING Global Brand Names9.41nilnilnil8.84-6.1
ING Global Communications10.14nilnilnil4.09-59.7
ING Global Equitynilnilnil10.07+.0
ING Global Equity RSPnil.0507.050710.01+.0
ING Global Technology10.03nilnilnil6.19-38.3
ING Japan Equity9.77nilnilnil7.57-22.5
ING Japan Equity RSP9.76nilnilnil7.55-22.6
ING US Equity10.12nilnilnil8.89-12.1
ING US Equity RSP10.03nilnilnil8.82-12.0
Integra Conservative Allocation11.83nilnilnil12.03+1.7
Integra Diversified23.16nilnilnil24.34+5.1
Integra Growth Allocation12.31nilnilnil11.97-2.7
Integra Strategic Allocation11.97nilnilnil11.83-1.1
Newton International Equitynil.0437.04375.59+.0
Acadian Core International Equity5.17nil.0863.08634.05-20.0
ICM Balanced12.96.4962.4565.952712.62+4.9
ICM Bond15.98.0481.99981.047915.98+6.8
ICM Canadian Value Growth12.28nil.1211.121111.27-7.3
ICM Equity12.07.2184.1248.343212.09+3.2
ICM International Equity13.56nil.2110.211011.72-11.9
ICM Short Term Investment1.00nil.0448.04481.00+4.6
ICM U.S. Small Cap Equity7.74.5863.1200.70638.30+17.2
ICM U.S. Value Growth8.85nil.0976.09768.67-.9
Integra Analytic Core U.S. Equity6.07nil.0720.07205.97-.5
NWQ U.S. Large Cap Value.0390.0100.04906.34+.0
IG/GWL Canadian Balanced DSC11.50nilnilnil11.81+2.7
IG/GWL Canadian Enterprise DSC11.08nilnilnil9.18-17.2
IG/GWL Canadian Equity DSC12.41nilnilnil12.43+.2
IG/GWL Dividend DSC12.07nilnilnil12.18+.9
IG/GWL Global DSC11.51nilnilnil10.79-6.2
IG/GWL Government Bond DSC10.71nilnilnil11.26+5.1
IG/GWL Money Market DSC10.74nilnilnil11.08+3.1
IG/GWL U.S. Growth DSC12.25nilnilnil12.32+.6
1World Aggressive Portfolionil.0337.03378.50+.0
1World Aggressive Reg Portfolionil.0130.01308.71+.0
1World Conservative Portfolionil.2379.237910.02+.0
1World Mod. Aggressive Registered.0191.0427.06189.50+.0
1World Moderate Aggressive Port.nil.0388.03889.28+.0
1World Moderate Conservative.0273.2156.24299.67+.0
1World Moderate Portfolio.0299.0873.11729.23+.0
Investors European Growth RSP10.80nilnilnil9.91-8.2
Investors Global RSP10.01nilnilnil9.30-7.1
Investors Japanese Growth RSP7.17nilnilnil5.33-25.7
Investors U.S. Large Cap Value RSP10.11nilnilnil9.95-1.6
IG AGF Asian Growth8.86nil.1912.19128.47-2.3
IG AGF Canadian Balanced15.92nil.1127.112715.38-2.7
IG AGF Canadian Growth13.25nilnilnil12.59-5.0
IG AGF Canadian Growth II12.97nilnilnil12.18-6.1
IG AGF Cdn Diversified Growth10.51nilnilnil10.34-1.5
IG AGF International Bond9.64nil.3100.31009.79+4.8
IG AGF International Equity14.30nilnilnil12.05-15.7
IG AGF U.S. Growth9.45nilnilnil7.65-19.0
IG AGF U.S. Growth II17.69nilnilnil14.63-17.3
IG AGF U.S. RSPnilnilnil7.72+.0
IG Beutel Goodman Cdn. Balanced12.21nil.0448.044812.75+4.7
IG Beutel Goodman Cdn. Equity13.34nilnilnil13.87+4.0
IG Beutel Goodman Cdn. Small-Cap13.63.1653.1002.265516.80+25.3
IG FI Canadian Allocation10.16nilnilnil10.08-.8
IG FI Canadian Equity10.12nilnilnil9.19-9.1
IG FI Global Equity9.80nilnilnil8.60-12.2
IG FI U.S. Equity9.59nilnilnil8.64-9.9
IG Janus American Equity8.01nilnilnil5.83-27.2
IG Janus Global Equity8.48nilnilnil6.90-18.7
IG MAXXUM Dividend12.62nil.1674.167413.31+6.9
IG MAXXUM Income10.16nil.3546.354610.26+4.5
IG Sceptre Canadian Balanced12.51nil.0934.093411.76-5.2
IG Sceptre Canadian Bond10.84nil.4848.484810.96+5.7
IG Sceptre Canadian Equity14.77nilnilnil13.42-9.2
IG Scudder Canadian All Cap10.82nilnilnil9.92-8.3
IG Scudder Emerging Markets Growth7.73nil.1060.10607.72+1.2
IG Scudder Europe Growth11.52nilnilnil8.99-22.0
IG Scudder U.S. Allocation13.86nil.0280.028013.34-3.6
IG Templeton International Equity10.49.1214.0054.12689.66-6.6
IG Templeton World Allocation11.39nil.0300.030011.11-2.2
IG Templeton World Bond8.76nil.2142.21428.82+3.2
Investors Asset Allocation5.93nilnilnil5.41-8.8
Investors Canadian Balanced11.09nil.1531.153111.19+2.3
Investors Canadian Enterprise11.24nilnilnil9.30-17.3
Investors Canadian Equity12.68nilnilnil12.67-.1
Investors Canadian Large Cap Value19.416.5700.12006.690014.72+10.0
Investors Canadian Money Market1.00nil.0327.03271.00+3.3
Investors Canadian Small-Cap16.03nilnilnil16.45+2.6
Investors Cdn High Yield MMnil.3231.323110.00+.0
Investors Cdn High-Yield Income8.56nil.6542.65428.60+8.3
Investors Cdn Small Cap Growth12.48nilnilnil10.69-14.3
Investors Cdn. Natural Resource10.39nil.1162.116210.59+3.1
Investors Corporate Bond10.33nil.5447.544710.41+6.1
Investors Dividend17.50nil.4581.458117.17+.8
Investors Euro Mid-Cap Growth11.36nil.0511.051111.95+5.6
Investors European Growth12.39nil.2695.269511.20-7.4
Investors Global12.28nilnilnil11.48-6.5
Investors Global Bond5.03nil.1292.12925.10+4.0
Investors Global e.Commerce6.99nilnilnil4.75-32.1
Investors Global Financial Servicesnilnilnil9.41+.0
Investors Global Sci & Tech22.21nilnilnil14.20-36.1
Investors Global Sci & Tech RSPnilnilnil5.87+.0
Investors Government Bond4.81nil.1930.19304.87+5.4
Investors Growth Plus Portfolio9.75.1269.1659.29289.49+.3
Investors Growth Portfolio14.01.1553nil.155313.28-4.1
Investors Income Plus Portfolio6.73nil.2276.22766.75+3.7
Investors Income Portfolio5.51nil.2451.24515.59+6.1
Investors Japanese Growth12.76nilnilnil9.59-24.9
Investors Latin American Growth9.66nil.5906.59068.72-3.6
Investors Mergers & Acquisitions11.37.6016nil.601612.77+17.6
Investors Mortgage4.92nil.2213.22135.04+7.0
Investors Mutual of Canada14.20nil.1166.116613.99-.6
Investors North American Growth19.73nilnilnil20.55+4.2
Investors Pacific International6.26nilnilnil5.85-6.5
Investors Pan Asian Growthnilnilnil9.39+.0
Investors Quebec Enterprise12.43nilnilnil13.17+5.9
Investors Real Property4.59nil.2593.25934.63+6.6
Investors Retirement Gwth. Port.10.001.8712.01161.88288.42+3.4
Investors Retirement High Growth Po11.36.7452.0167.76199.45-10.0
Investors Retirement Plus Port.7.43.6016.1607.76236.98+4.4
Investors Summa12.97nilnilnil11.47-11.6
Investors U.S. Large Cap Growth21.85nilnilnil18.34-16.1
Investors U.S. Large Cap Value63.97.7190nil.719062.71-.8
Investors U.S. Money Mkt (US$)10.00nil.2941.294110.00+3.0
Investors U.S. Opportunities16.36.1637.1995.363219.11+19.1
Investors World Growth Portfolio7.57.3394.0328.37226.45-9.7
Foresters American Index9.49nilnilnil8.62-9.2
Foresters Balanced34.44nilnilnil34.64+.6
Foresters Bond26.05nilnilnil27.77+6.6
Foresters Canadian Balanced11.95nilnilnil12.03+.7
Foresters Canadian Bond10.73nilnilnil11.23+4.6
Foresters Canadian Equity14.07nilnilnil13.39-4.8
Foresters Canadian Index11.48nilnilnil9.94-13.5
Foresters Canadian Money Market10.59nilnilnil11.00+3.9
Foresters Equity65.83nilnilnil63.94-2.9
Foresters Eurasia Index9.03nilnilnil7.27-19.5
Foresters Global Index9.27nilnilnil7.99-13.7
Foresters Money Market18.36nilnilnil19.09+4.0
iPerform American Focusnilnilnil107.69+.0
iPerform American Focus (US$)nilnilnil67.44+.0
iPerform Canadian Opportunities100.00nil2.44392.4439124.93+27.6
iPerform Gabelli Global100.00nilnilnil88.79-11.2
iPerform Gabelli Global (US$)nilnilnil55.61+.0
iPerform Select Leaders100.00nilnilnil102.03+2.0
iPerform Select Leaders (US$)nilnilnil63.90+.0
iPerform Silicon Valley100.00nilnilnil97.51-2.5
iPerform Silicon Valley (US$)nilnilnil61.07+.0
Hirsch Performance10.86nil.6013.601312.69+22.8
Jones Heward American26.48nilnilnil19.75-25.4
Jones Heward American (US$)17.65nilnilnil12.40-29.7
Jones Heward Bond10.98nil.2700.270011.08+3.4
Jones Heward Canadian Balanced15.23nil.1100.110014.55-3.7
Jones Heward Fund Ltd.16.95.2065nil.206516.19-3.3
Jones Heward Money Market1.00nil.0381.03811.00+3.9
Jones Heward RSP Americannilnilnil8.20+.0
Juniper Equity Growth3.90nilnilnil4.29+9.8
Keystone Altamira Capital Growthnilnilnil6.81+.0
Keystone Altamira Equitynilnilnil7.80+.0
Keystone Altamira RSP e-businessnilnilnil5.73+.0
Keystone Altamira RSP Global Equitynilnilnil7.78+.0
Keystone Altamira RSP Sci & Technilnilnil5.14+.0
Keystone Saxon Smaller Companies.4053.0122.41756.62+.0
Keystone Inv Balanced Gwth & Inc61.53nilnilnil59.11-3.9
Keystone Inv Cons Income & Gwth58.90nilnilnil58.08-1.4
Keystone Inv Long-Term Growth66.40nilnilnil63.73-4.0
Keystone Inv Max Equity Growth72.99nilnilnil66.44-9.0
Keystone Inv Max Long-Term Gwth64.61nilnilnil63.09-2.4
Keystone Reg Bal Growth & Income58.24nilnilnil56.03-3.8
Keystone Reg Cons. Income & Gwth57.54nilnilnil56.28-2.2
Keystone Reg Long-Term Growth64.05nilnilnil62.30-2.7
Keystone Reg Max Equity Growth69.56nilnilnil63.77-8.3
Keystone Reg Max Long-Term Gwth59.81nilnilnil56.04-6.3
Keystone Premier Euro Elite 1004.61nilnilnil3.68-20.1
Keystone Premier Global Elite 1004.02nilnilnil3.38-16.0
Keystone Premier RSP Euro Elite 1004.98nilnilnil3.97-20.3
Keystone Premier RSP Glo Elite 1004.29nilnilnil3.59-16.3

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