Data supplied by Bell Globemedia Interactive. December 31, 2000 closing net asset value per share, capital gains for the year, income distributions for the year, total distributions for the year, December 31, 2001 closing net asset value per share, and 1 year % change. nil indicates no distributions, (-) indicates no data available.

  Dec. 31, 2000Dec. 31, 2001
FUNDNAVCapital GainIncomeTotal DistributionNAV% Chng
Janus American Equity14.90nilnilnil10.92-26.7
Janus Global Equity11.60nilnilnil9.49-18.2
Janus RSP American Equity7.56nilnilnil5.51-27.1
Janus RSP Global Equity7.80nilnilnil6.35-18.7
MAXXUM Canadian Balanced10.60nil.0730.073010.04-4.6
MAXXUM Canadian Equity Growth16.36nilnilnil15.25-6.8
MAXXUM Canadian Value8.33.3981.0119.41008.12+2.4
MAXXUM Dividend12.62nil.2040.204013.23+6.6
MAXXUM Dividend Growth16.95.6000nil.600017.81+8.8
MAXXUM Income6.00nil.1660.16606.08+4.3
MAXXUM Money Market10.00nil.3620.362010.00+3.7
MAXXUM Natural Resource8.23nilnilnil9.14+11.0
MAXXUM Pension10.22.5236.0814.605010.04+4.2
MAXXUM Precious Metals5.23nilnilnil6.49+24.0
Mackenzie Balanced7.80.1230.0334.15647.73+1.1
Mackenzie Growth9.82nilnilnil12.39+26.1
Mackenzie Income Class 'A'6.62.8091.19091.00006.02+6.6
Mackenzie Income Class 'B'8.64.1957.3405.53628.66+6.6
Mackenzie Balanced Seg5.86nilnilnil5.96+1.7
Mackenzie Growth Seg4.13nilnilnil5.60+35.6
Mackenzie Income Seg5.75nilnilnil6.14+6.8
Scudder Canadian Bond (Advisor)10.58nil.2060.206011.00+6.0
Scudder Canadian Equity (Advisor)10.38nilnilnil9.72-6.4
Scudder Cdn Short Tm Bond (Advisor)10.14nil.3997.399710.36+6.2
Scudder Cdn Small Company (Advisor)10.51nil.1030.103011.53+10.7
Scudder Emerging Markets (Advisor)9.00nilnilnil9.02+.3
Scudder Global (Advisor)11.11nilnilnil9.62-13.4
Scudder Greater Europe (Advisor)11.31nilnilnil8.99-20.5
Scudder Life Sciences (Advisor)nilnilnil11.42+.0
Scudder Pacific (Advisor)8.02nilnilnil5.89-26.5
Scudder US Growth & Inc (Advisor)9.94nilnilnil9.07-8.7
Scudder Canadian Bond (Classic)10.28nil.4000.400010.57+6.9
Scudder Canadian Equity (Classic)27.00.4020.91401.316024.32-5.0
Scudder Cdn Money Market (Classic)10.00nil.3833.383310.00+3.9
Scudder Cdn Short Tm Bond (Classic)11.88nil.5435.543512.07+6.3
Scudder Cdn Small Company (Classic)9.49.0030.3480.351010.24+11.7
Scudder Emerging Markets (Classic)16.18nilnilnil16.39+1.3
Scudder Global (Classic)22.77nil.1300.130019.77-12.6
Scudder Greater Europe (Classic)30.36nil.2240.224023.92-20.5
Scudder Pacific (Classic)13.18nilnilnil9.74-26.1
Scudder US Growth & Inc (Classic)16.31nil.0020.002015.10-7.4
Mackenzie Cash Mgmt Seg10.00nil.3621.362110.00+3.7
Mackenzie Money Market Seg10.00nil.2880.288010.00+2.9
Mackenzie Alternative Strategies10.00nilnilnil10.81+8.1
Mackenzie Long/Short Equity.0113.0227.034010.33+.0
Mackenzie Long/Short Equity (US$)nilnilnil6.50+.0
Mackenzie Cash Management10.00nil.3796.379610.00+3.9
Mackenzie Money Market10.00nil.3026.302610.00+3.1
Mackenzie Money Market Series Bnilnilnil10.00+.0
Keystone Altamira e-business Cap Clnilnilnil5.83+.0
Keystone Altamira Glo Equity Cap Clnilnilnil7.62+.0
Keystone Altamira Science & Tec Capnilnilnil4.96+.0
Keystone Prem Euro Elite 100 Cap Cl9.80nilnilnil7.78-20.6
Keystone Premier Glo Elite 100 Cap8.77nilnilnil7.36-16.1
Mackenzie Cdn Managed Yield Cap Cl10.06.1648.0051.169910.15+2.6
Mackenzie Cundill Value Capital Cl10.02nilnilnil10.86+8.4
Mackenzie Horizon Capital Class10.56nilnilnil10.52-.3
Mackenzie Ivy Canadian Capital Cl10.29nilnilnil10.52+2.2
Mackenzie Ivy Enterprise Capital Cl10.13nilnilnil11.24+11.0
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Cap Cl10.48nilnilnil10.87+3.7
Mackenzie Univ Cdn Growth Cap Class10.29nilnilnil10.21-.8
Mackenzie Univ Commun Capital Class7.53nilnilnil3.19-57.6
Mackenzie Univ Divers Equ Capital9.12nilnilnil7.72-15.3
Mackenzie Univ Financial Ser Cap Cl10.41nilnilnil9.47-9.0
Mackenzie Univ Global Ethics Cap Cl9.31nilnilnil7.32-21.3
Mackenzie Univ Growth Trends Cap Clnilnilnil9.95+.0
Mackenzie Univ Health Sci Cap Cl9.98nilnilnil8.70-12.9
Mackenzie Univ Internet Tech Cap Cl6.08nilnilnil2.81-53.8
Mackenzie Univ Intl Stock Cap Class9.66nilnilnil7.91-18.1
Mackenzie Univ Sel Mgr Far East Cap9.09nilnilnil9.33+2.6
Mackenzie Univ Sel Mgr Intl Cap Cl9.60nilnilnil8.60-10.4
Mackenzie Univ Sel Mgr Japan Cap Cl8.19nilnilnil7.24-11.6
Mackenzie Univ Sel Mgrs Cap Class9.41nilnilnil7.93-15.8
Mackenzie Univ Sel Mgrs Cda Capital9.74nilnilnil8.85-9.1
Mackenzie Univ Sel Mgrs USA Capital9.92nilnilnil8.46-14.8
Mackenzie Univ US Blue Chip Capital9.21nilnilnil8.48-7.9
Mackenzie Univ US Emerg Growth Cap8.21nilnilnil6.18-24.7
Mackenzie Univ Wld Emer Gwth Cap Cl8.36nilnilnil7.74-7.4
Mackenzie Univ Wld Prec Metal Cap11.29nilnilnil16.63+47.3
Mackenzie Univ Wld Real Est Cap Cl10.54nilnilnil10.55+.1
Mackenzie Univ Wld Resource Cap Cl10.99nilnilnil13.40+22.0
Mackenzie Univ Wld Sci & Tec Cap Cl8.11nilnilnil4.42-45.5
Mackenzie Universal Euro Ops Cap Cl10.41nilnilnil9.49-8.9
Mackenzie Universal Future Capital9.31nilnilnil8.45-9.3
Mackenzie US Managed Yield Cap(US$)10.07.1335.0054.138910.16+2.3
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Balanced 'C'6.23.3399.0824.42236.23+6.8
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Security 'A'22.56.3294.0609.390322.90+3.3
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Security 'B'26.76.0855.0162.101727.43+2.9
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Security 'C'6.63.0964.0464.14286.68+2.9
Mackenzie Cundill Glo Balanced 'C'5.35.1359.0418.17775.61+8.1
Mackenzie Cundill Recovery 'C'6.03.1967.0059.20266.23+6.6
Mackenzie Cundill RSP Value5.49nil.0194.01946.11+11.8
Mackenzie Cundill Value 'A'17.651.4567.04781.504518.42+13.1
Mackenzie Cundill Value 'B'19.331.3981.04651.444620.31+12.6
Mackenzie Cundill Value 'C'7.18.5893.0770.66637.42+12.7
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Bal Seg5.73nilnilnil6.14+7.1
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Security Seg5.66nilnilnil5.84+3.1
Mackenzie Cundill Value Seg6.04nilnilnil6.83+13.0
Mackenzie Cundill Glo Bal 'C' (US$)3.57.0858.0264.11223.52+1.8
Mackenzie Cundill Recovery 'C'(US$)4.02.1241.0037.12783.91+.4
Mackenzie Cundill Value 'C' (US$)4.79.3719.0486.42054.66+6.2
Mackenzie Bond11.94nil.4385.438512.12+5.2
Mackenzie Mortgage1.99nil.0898.08982.03+6.7
Mackenzie Yield Advantage5.07.0522.3417.39395.01+6.7
Mackenzie Bond Seg5.29nilnilnil5.58+5.4
Mackenzie Mortgage Seg5.33nilnilnil5.74+7.7
Mackenzie Yield Advantage Segnilnilnil5.16+.0
Mackenzie Ind Equity Fund Ltd.3.54nilnilnil3.52-.4
Mackenzie Ind Dividend Growth Seg6.26nilnilnil6.79+8.4
Mackenzie Ind Horizon Seg5.70nilnilnil5.85+2.7
Mackenzie Ind Pension Seg5.78nilnilnil6.00+3.8
Mackenzie Ivy Canadian24.34nilnilnil24.94+2.5
Mackenzie Ivy Enterprise3.39nilnilnil3.82+12.6
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity24.31nilnilnil25.45+4.7
Mackenzie Ivy Global Balanced5.59nil-.0009-.00095.41-3.2
Mackenzie Ivy Growth & Income18.97nil.1528.152819.64+4.3
Mackenzie Ivy RSP Foreign Equity11.41nil.1313.131311.77+4.3
Mackenzie Ivy RSP Global Balancednil.0265.026510.42+.0
Mackenzie Ivy Canadian Seg6.17nilnilnil6.31+2.2
Mackenzie Ivy Enterprise Seg5.63nilnilnil6.33+12.4
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Seg5.79nilnilnil6.05+4.5
Mackenzie Ivy Gwth & Income Seg5.96nilnilnil6.21+4.2
Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity (US$)16.21nilnilnil15.98-1.4
Mackenzie Ivy Global Balanced (US$)3.73nilnilnil3.40-8.8
Mackenzie Sentinel Canada Equity18.70nilnilnil19.60+4.8
Mackenzie STAR Cdn Bal Gw & Inc75.95nilnilnil76.39+.6
Mackenzie STAR Cdn Cons Inc & Gw63.43nilnilnil66.17+4.3
Mackenzie STAR Cdn Long-Term Gwth67.15nilnilnil67.00-.2
Mackenzie STAR Cdn Max Equ Growth84.87nilnilnil83.42-1.7
Mackenzie STAR Cdn Max Long-Term Gw71.04nilnilnil70.26-1.1
Mackenzie STAR For Bal Gw & Inc86.57nilnilnil83.30-3.8
Mackenzie STAR For Max Equ Growth84.64nilnilnil72.58-14.2
Mackenzie STAR For Max Lg-Tm Gwth77.07nilnilnil73.34-4.8
Mackenzie STAR Inv Bal Gw & Inc78.10nilnilnil78.48+.5
Mackenzie STAR Inv Cons Inc & Gw89.64nilnilnil91.66+2.3
Mackenzie STAR Inv Long-Term Gwth82.37nilnilnil78.14-5.1
Mackenzie STAR Inv Max Long-Term Gw84.10nilnilnil79.91-5.0
Mackenzie STAR Reg Bal Gw & Inc80.52nilnilnil80.24-.3
Mackenzie STAR Reg Cons Inc & Gw79.30nilnilnil79.94+.8
Mackenzie STAR Reg Long-Term Gwth77.93nilnilnil75.40-3.2
Mackenzie STAR Reg Max Equ Growth76.62nilnilnil67.38-12.1
Mackenzie STAR Reg Max Long-Term Gw89.46nilnilnil82.88-7.4
Mackenzie STAR Inv Bal Gw&Inc Seg5.20nilnilnil5.22+.5
Mackenzie STAR Inv Cons Inc&Gw Seg5.49nilnilnil5.60+2.1
Mackenzie STAR Inv Long-Trm Gw Seg5.40nilnilnil5.12-5.0
Mackenzie STAR Inv Max Lg-Tm Gw Seg5.84nilnilnil5.57-4.5
Mackenzie STAR Reg Bal Gw&Inc Seg5.33nilnilnil5.30-.5
Mackenzie STAR Reg Cons Inc&Gw Seg5.04nilnilnil5.08+.8
Mackenzie STAR Reg Lg-Trm Gw Seg5.07nilnilnil4.88-3.7
Mackenzie STAR Reg Max Equ Gw Seg4.97nilnilnil4.36-12.3
Mackenzie STAR Reg Max Lg-Tm Gw Seg5.26nilnilnil4.89-7.0
Mackenzie STAR For Bal Gw&Inc (US$)79.87nilnilnil72.40-9.4
Mackenzie STAR For Max Equ Gw (US$)76.60nilnilnil61.88-19.2
Mackenzie STAR For Max Lg-Tm G(US$)72.18nilnilnil64.70-10.4
Mackenzie U.S. Money Mkt (US$)10.00nil.2511.251110.00+2.5
Mackenzie Univ Americas12.05.3743.2950.669310.87-4.2
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Balanced6.51.0102.0832.09346.43+.2
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Growth16.06nilnilnil15.80-1.6
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Resource9.57nilnilnil11.75+22.8
Mackenzie Univ Communications8.02nilnilnil3.39-57.7
Mackenzie Univ European Opport14.97nilnilnil12.33-17.6
Mackenzie Univ Far East3.15nilnilnil2.74-12.9
Mackenzie Univ Financial Services11.13nilnilnil10.48-5.9
Mackenzie Univ Future17.86nilnilnil16.49-7.6
Mackenzie Univ Global Ethics9.23nilnilnil7.01-24.1
Mackenzie Univ Health Sciences13.11nilnilnil11.58-11.7
Mackenzie Univ International Stock13.49nilnilnil10.84-19.6
Mackenzie Univ Internet Tech.7.96nilnilnil3.87-51.3
Mackenzie Univ Japan4.51nilnilnil3.49-22.8
Mackenzie Univ Precious Metals4.07nilnilnil5.88+44.4
Mackenzie Univ RSP Communications8.12nilnilnil3.43-57.8
Mackenzie Univ RSP European Opport.4.19nilnilnil3.44-18.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP Financial Serv.10.96nilnilnil10.29-6.2
Mackenzie Univ RSP Global Ethics8.77nilnilnil6.63-24.5
Mackenzie Univ RSP Growth Trendsnilnilnil10.15+.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP Health Sciences11.66nilnilnil10.26-11.9
Mackenzie Univ RSP Internat'l Stock4.53nilnilnil3.62-20.1
Mackenzie Univ RSP Internet Tech8.18nilnilnil4.00-51.2
Mackenzie Univ RSP Sel Mgr Far East10.00.2126.0893.30199.72+.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP Sel Mgr Int'l10.01nilnilnil9.05+.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP Sel Mgr Japan10.00nilnilnil9.22+.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP Sel Mgr USA10.01nilnilnil8.54+.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP Select Managers9.22nilnilnil8.11-12.0
Mackenzie Univ RSP U.S. Blue Chip8.47nilnilnil7.80-7.9
Mackenzie Univ RSP U.S. Emerg Gwth7.06nilnilnil4.84-31.4
Mackenzie Univ RSP Wld Sci & Tech3.35nilnilnil1.95-41.7
Mackenzie Univ Select Managers7.85nil.0083.00836.92-11.7
Mackenzie Univ Select Managers Cda10.44nilnilnil9.74-6.6
Mackenzie Univ U.S. Blue Chip4.60nilnilnil4.25-7.6
Mackenzie Univ U.S. Emerg Growth14.98nilnilnil10.32-31.1
Mackenzie Univ Wld Balanced RRSP4.65nilnilnil4.31-7.2
Mackenzie Univ Wld Emerg Growth4.52nilnilnil4.13-8.7
Mackenzie Univ Wld Growth RRSP4.74nilnilnil4.04-14.8
Mackenzie Univ Wld High Yield3.27nil.2545.25453.08+1.9
Mackenzie Univ Wld Income RRSP4.77nilnilnil4.93+3.4
Mackenzie Univ Wld Real Estate6.22.3523.0804.43275.78+.0
Mackenzie Univ Wld Resource7.20nilnilnil9.00+25.0
Mackenzie Univ Wld Sci & Tech12.25nilnilnil7.17-41.5
Mackenzie Univ Wld Tactical Bond5.41nilnilnil5.56+2.8
Mackenzie Univ World Value4.87nilnilnil4.17-14.5
Mackenzie Univ Americas Seg5.01nilnilnil4.78-4.6
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Bal Seg5.88nilnilnil5.90+.3
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Growth Seg6.27nilnilnil6.14-2.0
Mackenzie Univ European Opport Seg5.12nilnilnil4.24-17.3
Mackenzie Univ Future Seg5.82nilnilnil5.37-7.7
Mackenzie Univ Internat'l Stock Segnilnilnil4.44+.0
Mackenzie Univ Select Manager Seg4.60nilnilnil4.07-11.7
Mackenzie Univ Select Mgrs Cda Segnilnilnil4.94+.0
Mackenzie Univ U.S. Blue Chip Seg4.50nilnilnil4.13-8.3
Mackenzie Univ Wld Bal RRSP Seg4.93nilnilnil4.57-7.4
Mackenzie Univ Wld Gwth RRSP Seg4.68nilnilnil3.98-15.0
Mackenzie Univ Wld Income RRSP Seg5.18nilnilnil5.38+3.9
Mackenzie Univ Wld Tactical Bond Sg4.85nilnilnil4.95+2.0
Mackenzie Univ Wld Value Seg4.47nilnilnil3.85-13.9
Mackenzie Univ Americas (US$)8.03.2362.1862.42246.82-9.7
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Bal (US$)4.34.0064.0223.02874.03-6.4
Mackenzie Univ Canadian Res (US$)6.38nilnilnil7.38+15.7
Mackenzie Univ Cdn Growth (US$)10.71nilnilnil9.92-7.3
Mackenzie Univ Communications (US$)5.34nilnilnil2.13-60.1
Mackenzie Univ European Opport(US$)9.98nilnilnil7.74-22.4
Mackenzie Univ Far East (US$)2.10nilnilnil1.72-18.0
Mackenzie Univ Financial Serv (US$)7.42nilnilnil6.58-11.3
Mackenzie Univ Future (US$)11.90nilnilnil10.35-13.0
Mackenzie Univ Global Ethics (US$)6.15nilnilnil4.40-28.5
Mackenzie Univ Health Sciences(US$)8.74nilnilnil7.27-16.8
Mackenzie Univ Int'l Stock (US$)8.99nilnilnil6.81-24.3
Mackenzie Univ Internet Tech (US$)5.30nilnilnil2.43-54.1
Mackenzie Univ Japan (US$)3.01nilnilnil2.19-27.3
Mackenzie Univ Precious Metals(US$)2.71nilnilnil3.69+36.0
Mackenzie Univ Select Managers(US$)5.23nil.0052.00524.35-16.8
Mackenzie Univ U.S. Blue Chip (US$)3.06nilnilnil2.67-12.9
Mackenzie Univ U.S. Emerg Gw (US$)9.99nilnilnil6.48-35.1
Mackenzie Univ Wld Bal RRSP (US$)3.10nilnilnil2.71-12.6
Mackenzie Univ Wld Emerg Gwth (US$)3.01nilnilnil2.59-14.0
Mackenzie Univ Wld High Yield (US$)2.18nil.0885.08851.93-7.6
Mackenzie Univ Wld Inc RRSP (US$)3.18nilnilnil3.10-2.6
Mackenzie Univ Wld Real Estate(US$)4.15.2223.0507.27303.63-5.8
Mackenzie Univ Wld Resource (US$)4.80nilnilnil5.65+17.7
Mackenzie Univ Wld Sci & Tech (US$)8.16nilnilnil4.50-44.9
Mackenzie Univ Wld Tact Bond (US$)3.61nilnilnil3.49-3.2
Mackenzie Univ World Value (US$)3.25nilnilnil2.62-19.4
Maestral American Equity9.47nilnilnil8.69-8.2
Maestral Asset Allocation9.91nilnilnil9.24-6.7
Maestral Canadian Bond10.14.0314.4263.457710.28+6.0
Maestral Canadian Equity9.93nilnilnil9.04-8.9
Maestral Global Equity9.41nilnilnil7.70-18.2
Maestral Global Equity RSP9.34nilnilnil7.67-17.8
Maestral Growth Equity8.96nilnilnil8.69-3.1
Maestral Health & Biotechnology9.54nilnilnil8.97-6.0
Maestral Money Market10.00nil.3179.317910.00+3.2
Maestral Quebec Growth26.08nilnilnil26.42+1.3
Maestral Techno & Telecommunication7.18nilnilnil3.96-44.8
Malachite Aggressive Preferred.6569.3388.99579.87+.0
Mandate National Mortgage Corp.10.00nil.5850.585010.00+6.0
MLI AGF Amer Growth GIFe10.16nilnilnil8.22-19.1
MLI AGF Canadian Balanced GIFe12.44nilnilnil12.07-3.0
MLI AGF Canadian Bond GIFe10.35nilnilnil10.73+3.6
MLI AGF Canadian Dividend GIFe12.28nilnilnil11.25-8.4
MLI AGF Canadian Stock GIFe15.07nilnilnil14.21-5.7
MLI AGF Cdn High Income GIFe10.39nilnilnil10.97+5.6
MLI AGF Gbl Gov't Bond GIFe9.46nilnilnil10.13+7.1
MLI Aggress Asset Alloc GIFe11.96nilnilnil11.80-1.3
MLI AIM Amer Mid Cap Growth GIFe12.51nilnilnil10.16-18.8
MLI AIM Canadian Premier Class GIFe12.82nilnilnil10.96-14.5
MLI Balanced Asset Alloc GIFe11.33nilnilnil11.20-1.2
MLI BPI Global Equity GIFe11.37nilnilnil8.73-23.1
MLI Canadian Equity Index GIFe12.93nilnilnil10.93-15.5
MLI Cdn Balanced (Seamark) GIFenilnilnil10.47+.0
MLI CI Global GIFe12.44nilnilnil8.98-27.9
MLI CI Harbour GIFe13.00nilnilnil13.71+5.5
MLI CI Harbour Gwth & Inc GIFe11.57nilnilnil12.44+7.6
MLI CI International Balanced GIFenilnilnil9.79+.0
MLI Conser. Asset Alloc GIFe10.74nilnilnil10.96+2.1
MLI Dynamic Dividend Growth GIFe12.34nilnilnil12.86+4.2
MLI Dynamic Global Bond GIFe8.65nilnilnil8.83+2.1
MLI Dynamic Partners GIFe11.12nilnilnil10.97-1.4
MLI E&P American Growth GIFe10.03nilnilnil9.14-8.9
MLI E&P Balanced GIFe10.15nilnilnil9.53-6.1
MLI E&P Cabot Blue Chip GIFenilnilnil9.89+.0
MLI E&P Cabot Global Multi GIFenilnilnil9.33+.0
MLI E&P Money GIFe10.72nilnilnil11.05+3.1
MLI E&P Money GIFe (NL)10.70nilnilnil11.08+3.5
MLI E&P Monthly High Income GIFenilnilnil10.83+.0
MLI E&P Sector Rotation GIFe14.92nilnilnil13.21-11.4
MLI E&P Value Equity GIFe12.06nilnilnil10.72-11.1
MLI Fidelity Canadian Bond GIFe10.54nilnilnil11.15+5.8
MLI Fidelity Cdn Asset Alloc GIFe11.92nilnilnil11.71-1.7
MLI Fidelity Cdn Large Cap GIFe15.47nilnilnil14.17-8.4
MLI Fidelity European Growth GIFe10.69nilnilnil9.20-13.9
MLI Fidelity Growth America GIFe9.86nilnilnil8.90-9.8
MLI Fidelity Int'l Portfolio GIFe10.61nilnilnil9.39-11.5
MLI Fidelity True North GIFe14.16nilnilnil13.65-3.6
MLI Global Bond (Oe) GIFenilnilnil10.56+.0
MLI Growth Asset Alloc GIFe11.64nilnilnil11.42-1.9
MLI International Equ (Temp) GIFenilnilnil9.78+.0
MLI Merrill Ly. Select Cdn Bal GIFe11.66nilnilnil11.74+.8
MLI Merrill Lynch Cdn Gwth GIFe11.92nilnilnil10.64-10.7
MLI Merrill Lynch Global Gwth GIFe11.09nilnilnil8.62-22.3
MLI Merrill Lynch US Bas Val GIFe11.46nilnilnil11.78+2.8
MLI Moderate Asset Alloc GIFe10.86nilnilnil10.86+.0
MLI Sceptre Balanced Growth GIFe10.82nilnilnil10.46-3.4
MLI Sceptre Canadian Equity GIFe11.93nilnilnil10.76-9.8
MLI StrategicNova Cdn Lrge Cap GIFe13.28nilnilnil12.78-3.8
MLI StrategicNova Sel Cd LrgCp GIFe13.42nilnilnil12.91-3.8
MLI Talvest Cdn Asset Alloc GIFe10.98nilnilnil10.87-1.0
MLI Talvest Income GIFe10.69nilnilnil11.40+6.7
MLI Talvest Val Line US Equ GIFe10.16nilnilnil9.37-7.7
MLI Trimark Select Balanced GIFe11.82nilnilnil12.28+3.9
MLI Trimark Select Cdn Growth GIFe13.05nilnilnil13.52+3.6
MLI Trimark Select Growth GIFe12.63nilnilnil13.69+8.4
MLI U.S. Equity Index GIFe10.10nilnilnil9.09-10.0
MLI U.S. Index RSP GIFe10.56nilnilnil9.49-10.2
MLI AGF Amer Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.51-14.9
MLI AGF Canadian Bond GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.35+3.5
MLI AGF Canadian Dividend GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.48-5.2
MLI AGF Canadian Stock GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.74-2.6
MLI AGF Cdn Tactical AA GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.22-7.8
MLI AGF RSP American Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil7.91-20.9
MLI Aggress Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.15+1.5
MLI AIM Amer Mid Cap Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.81-11.9
MLI AIM Canadian Balanced GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.56-4.4
MLI AIM Canadian First Class GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.24+2.4
MLI AIM Canadian Premier Cl GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.98-10.2
MLI Bal Ethic (McLean) GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.94-.6
MLI Balanced Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.05+.5
MLI BPI American Equity GIFe210.00nilnilnil7.96-20.4
MLI BPI Global Equity GIFe210.00nilnilnil7.97-20.3
MLI Canadian Equity Index GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.82-11.8
MLI Cdn Balanced (Seamark) GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.39+3.9
MLI Cdn Small Cap Equity (Sax)GIFe210.00nilnilnil12.26+22.6
MLI CI Boomernomics GIFe2nilnilnil9.26+.0
MLI CI Global GIFe210.00nilnilnil7.36-26.4
MLI CI Harbour GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.89+8.9
MLI CI Harbour Gwth & Inc GIFe210.00nilnilnil11.02+10.2
MLI CI International Balanced GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.44-15.6
MLI Conser. Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.28+2.8
MLI E&P American Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.45-5.5
MLI E&P Cabot Blue Chip GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.01-9.9
MLI E&P Cabot Global Multi GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.77-12.3
MLI E&P Gen Wave GIFe2nilnilnil10.04+.0
MLI E&P Money GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.35+3.5
MLI E&P Money GIFe2 (NL)10.00nilnilnil10.35+3.5
MLI E&P Monthly High Income GIFe210.00nilnilnil11.73+17.3
MLI E&P Sector Rotation GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.32-6.8
MLI E&P U.S. Mid-Cap GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.15-18.5
MLI E&P Value Equity GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.24-7.6
MLI Fidelity Cdn Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.01+.1
MLI Fidelity Cdn Large Cap GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.50-5.0
MLI Fidelity European Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.85-11.5
MLI Fidelity GI AA GIFe2nilnilnil9.93+.0
MLI Fidelity Growth America GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.46-5.4
MLI Fidelity Int'l Portfolio GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.13-8.7
MLI Fidelity RSP Int'l Port GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.92-10.8
MLI Fidelity True North GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.95-.5
MLI Global Bond (Oe) GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.23+2.3
MLI Growth Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.04+.4
MLI International Equ (Temp) GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.97-10.3
MLI Merrill Ly. Select Cd Bal GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.22+2.2
MLI Merrill Lynch Global Gwth GIFe210.00nilnilnil7.95-20.5
MLI Moderate Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.14+1.4
MLI Talvest Cdn Asset Alloc GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.06+.6
MLI Talvest Cdn Equ Leaders GIFe210.00nilnilnil8.74-12.6
MLI Talvest Income GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.67+6.7
MLI Talvest Val Line US Equ GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.75-2.5
MLI Trimark Advantage Bond GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.48+4.8
MLI Trimark Select Cdn Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil10.61+6.1
MLI Trimark Select Growth GIFe210.00nilnilnil11.09+10.9
MLI U.S. Equity Index GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.33-6.7
MLI U.S. Index RSP GIFe210.00nilnilnil9.32-6.8
MLI AGF Amer Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil8.51-14.9
MLI AGF Canadian Bond GIF210.00nilnilnil10.35+3.5
MLI AGF Canadian Dividend GIF210.00nilnilnil9.48-5.2
MLI AGF Canadian Stock GIF210.00nilnilnil9.74-2.6
MLI AGF Cdn Tactical AA GIF210.00nilnilnil9.22-7.8
MLI AGF RSP American Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil7.91-20.9
MLI Aggress Asset Alloc GIF210.00nilnilnil10.15+1.5
MLI AIM Amer Mid Cap Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil8.81-11.9
MLI AIM Canadian Balanced GIF210.00nilnilnil9.56-4.4
MLI AIM Canadian First Class GIF210.00nilnilnil10.24+2.4
MLI AIM Canadian Premier Class GIF210.00nilnilnil8.98-10.2
MLI Bal Ethic (McLean) GIF210.00nilnilnil9.94-.6
MLI Balanced Asset Allocation GIF210.00nilnilnil10.05+.5
MLI BPI American Equity GIF210.00nilnilnil7.96-20.4
MLI BPI Global Equity GIF210.00nilnilnil7.97-20.3
MLI Canadian Equity Index GIF210.00nilnilnil8.82-11.8
MLI Cdn Balanced (Seamark) GIF210.00nilnilnil10.39+3.9
MLI Cdn Small Cap Equity (Sax) GIF210.00nilnilnil12.26+22.6
MLI CI Boomernomics GIF2nilnilnil9.26+.0
MLI CI Global GIF210.00nilnilnil7.36-26.4
MLI CI Harbour GIF210.00nilnilnil10.89+8.9
MLI CI Harbour Gwth & Inc GIF210.00nilnilnil11.02+10.2
MLI CI International Balanced GIF210.00nilnilnil8.44-15.6
MLI Conser. Asset Alloc GIF210.00nilnilnil10.28+2.8
MLI E&P American Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil9.45-5.5
MLI E&P Cabot Blue Chip GIF210.00nilnilnil9.01-9.9
MLI E&P Cabot Global Multi GIF210.00nilnilnil8.77-12.3
MLI E&P Gen Wave GIF2nilnilnil10.04+.0
MLI E&P Money GIF210.00nilnilnil10.35+3.5
MLI E&P Money GIF2 (NL)10.00nilnilnil10.35+3.5
MLI E&P Monthly High Income GIF210.00nilnilnil11.73+17.3
MLI E&P Sector Rotation GIF210.00nilnilnil9.32-6.8
MLI E&P U.S. Mid-Cap GIF210.00nilnilnil8.15-18.5
MLI E&P Value Equity GIF210.00nilnilnil9.24-7.6
MLI Fidelity Cdn Asset Alloc GIF210.00nilnilnil10.01+.1
MLI Fidelity Cdn Large Cap GIF210.00nilnilnil9.50-5.0
MLI Fidelity European Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil8.85-11.5
MLI Fidelity GI AA GIF2nilnilnil9.93+.0
MLI Fidelity Growth America GIF210.00nilnilnil9.46-5.4
MLI Fidelity Int'l Portfolio GIF210.00nilnilnil9.13-8.7
MLI Fidelity RSP Int'l Port GIF210.00nilnilnil8.92-10.8
MLI Fidelity True North GIF210.00nilnilnil9.95-.5
MLI Global Bond (Oe) GIF210.00nilnilnil10.23+2.3
MLI Growth Asset Allocation GIF210.00nilnilnil10.04+.4
MLI International Equ (Temp) GIF210.00nilnilnil8.97-10.3
MLI Merrill Ly. Select Cdn Bal GIF210.00nilnilnil10.22+2.2
MLI Merrill Lynch Global Gwth GIF210.00nilnilnil7.95-20.5
MLI Moderate Asset Allocation GIF210.00nilnilnil10.14+1.4
MLI Talvest Cdn Asset Alloc GIF210.00nilnilnil10.06+.6
MLI Talvest Cdn Equ Leaders GIF210.00nilnilnil8.74-12.6
MLI Talvest Income GIF210.00nilnilnil10.67+6.7
MLI Talvest Val Line US Equ GIF210.00nilnilnil9.75-2.5
MLI Trimark Advantage Bond GIF210.00nilnilnil10.48+4.8
MLI Trimark Select Cdn Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil10.61+6.1
MLI Trimark Select Growth GIF210.00nilnilnil11.09+10.9
MLI U.S. Equity Index GIF210.00nilnilnil9.33-6.7
MLI U.S. Index RSP GIF210.00nilnilnil9.32-6.8
MLI AGF Amer Growth GIF19.85nilnilnil16.07-19.1
MLI AGF Canadian Balanced GIF12.58nilnilnil12.20-3.0
MLI AGF Canadian Bond GIF12.04nilnilnil12.47+3.6
MLI AGF Canadian Dividend GIF12.80nilnilnil11.73-8.4
MLI AGF Canadian Stock GIF13.52nilnilnil12.75-5.7
MLI AGF Cdn High Income GIF10.91nilnilnil11.52+5.6
MLI AGF Gbl Gov't Bond GIF11.45nilnilnil12.27+7.1
MLI Aggress Asset Alloc GIFnilnilnil10.04+.0
MLI AIM Amer Mid Cap Growth GIF16.24nilnilnil13.20-18.7
MLI AIM Canadian Premier Class GIF15.15nilnilnil12.95-14.5
MLI American Equity Index GIF13.13nilnilnil11.83-9.9
MLI Balanced Asset Allocation GIF10.88nilnilnil10.75-1.2
MLI BPI Global Equity GIF9.15nilnilnil7.03-23.1
MLI Canadian Equity Index GIF13.38nilnilnil11.31-15.5
MLI Cdn Balanced (Seamark) GIFnilnilnil10.47+.0
MLI CI Global GIF10.23nilnilnil7.38-27.9
MLI CI Harbour GIF13.53nilnilnil14.27+5.5
MLI CI Harbour Gwth & Inc GIF11.57nilnilnil12.44+7.6
MLI CI International Balanced GIFnilnilnil9.79+.0
MLI Conser. Asset Alloc GIFnilnilnil10.30+.0
MLI Dynamic Dividend Growth GIF11.98nilnilnil12.48+4.2
MLI Dynamic Global Bond GIF8.99nilnilnil9.18+2.1
MLI Dynamic Partners GIF11.65nilnilnil11.49-1.4
MLI E&P American Growth GIF13.41nilnilnil12.22-8.9
MLI E&P Balanced GIF10.27nilnilnil9.64-6.1
MLI E&P Cabot Blue Chip GIFnilnilnil9.89+.0
MLI E&P Cabot Global Multi GIFnilnilnil9.34+.0
MLI E&P Equity GIF11.72nilnilnil9.95-15.1
MLI E&P Money GIF11.27nilnilnil11.64+3.3
MLI E&P Money GIF (NL)11.32nilnilnil11.70+3.3
MLI E&P Monthly High Income GIFnilnilnil10.83+.0
MLI E&P Sector Rotation GIFnilnilnil10.16+.0
MLI E&P Value Equity GIF12.25nilnilnil10.89-11.1
MLI Fidelity Canadian Bond GIF12.11nilnilnil12.81+5.8
MLI Fidelity Cdn Asset Alloc GIF15.47nilnilnil15.21-1.7
MLI Fidelity Cdn Large Cap GIF13.99nilnilnil12.81-8.4
MLI Fidelity European Growth GIF9.32nilnilnil8.02-13.9
MLI Fidelity Growth America GIF15.59nilnilnil14.07-9.8
MLI Fidelity Int'l Portfolio GIF16.14nilnilnil14.29-11.5
MLI Fidelity True North GIF17.64nilnilnil17.00-3.7
MLI Global Bond (Oe) GIFnilnilnil10.57+.0
MLI Growth Asset Allocation GIF11.14nilnilnil10.92-1.9
MLI International Equ (Temp) GIFnilnilnil9.76+.0
MLI Moderate Asset Allocation GIF10.64nilnilnil10.64+.0
MLI StrategicNova Cdn Large Cap GIF13.17nilnilnil12.67-3.8
MLI StrategicNova Sel Cd Lrg Cp GIF14.11nilnilnil13.57-3.8
MLI Talvest Cdn Asset Alloc GIF12.14nilnilnil12.02-1.0
MLI Talvest Income GIF11.08nilnilnil11.82+6.8
MLI Talvest Val Line US Equ GIF13.57nilnilnil12.52-7.7
MLI Trimark Select Balanced GIF12.42nilnilnil12.90+3.9
MLI Trimark Select Cdn Growth GIF12.57nilnilnil13.02+3.6
MLI Trimark Select Growth GIF14.70nilnilnil15.92+8.3
MLI TSE Equity Index GIF13.78nilnilnil11.44-17.0
MLI U.S. Equity Index GIF14.21nilnilnil12.79-10.0
MLI U.S. Index RSP GIF9.17nilnilnil8.24-10.2
NAL-Balanced Growth20.90nilnilnil20.65-1.2
NAL-Canadian Bond28.20nilnilnil29.76+5.5
NAL-Canadian Diversified26.18nilnilnil25.50-2.6
NAL-Canadian Equity25.60nilnilnil26.02+1.7
NAL-Canadian Money Market19.59nilnilnil20.30+3.6
NAL-Equity Growth23.83nilnilnil22.56-5.3
NAL-Global Equity23.41nilnilnil18.18-22.4
NAL-U.S. Equity25.76nilnilnil23.30-9.5
Vistafund 1 Amer. Stock37.14nilnilnil38.42+3.4
Vistafund 1 Bond23.51nilnilnil24.87+5.8
Vistafund 1 Cap Gain Gw18.80nilnilnil16.90-10.1
Vistafund 1 Diversified26.29nilnilnil27.38+4.2
Vistafund 1 Equity21.75nilnilnil19.40-10.8
Vistafund 1 Global Bond10.53nilnilnil11.43+8.6
Vistafund 1 Global Equ21.29nilnilnil16.28-23.5
Vistafund 1 Shrt Tm Sec18.79nilnilnil19.42+3.4
Vistafund 2 Amer. Stock35.48nilnilnil36.45+2.7
Vistafund 2 Bond21.56nilnilnil22.70+5.3
Vistafund 2 Cap Gain Gw17.21nilnilnil15.36-10.7
Vistafund 2 Diversified24.08nilnilnil24.91+3.4
Vistafund 2 Equity19.89nilnilnil17.62-11.4
Vistafund 2 Global Bond10.05nilnilnil10.84+7.9
Vistafund 2 Global Equ20.32nilnilnil15.43-24.1
Vistafund 2 Shrt Tm Sec17.21nilnilnil17.75+3.1
E&P Cabot Blue Chip-Class A21.73nilnilnil18.92-12.9
E&P Cabot Canadian Equity-Class A23.43nil.0585.058520.91-10.5
E&P Cabot Global MultiStyle-Class A15.93nilnilnil13.75-13.7
Maritime Life AGF AllStyleGloEq-A&Cnilnilnil11.45+.0
Maritime Life AGF Amer Gwth Cls-A&C9.95nilnilnil8.12-18.4
Maritime Life AGF Cdn AggAllCap-A&C10.83nilnilnil8.23-24.0
Maritime Life AGF Cdn Balanced-A&C12.12nilnilnil11.83-2.4
Maritime Life AGF Cdn Value -A&C10.99nilnilnil10.21-7.1
Maritime Life AGF Int'l Stock - A&C12.21nilnilnil11.14-8.7
Maritime Life AGF RSP Amer Gwth-A&C9.80nilnilnil7.99-18.5
Maritime Life AGF Wld Equ RSP-A&C9.99nilnilnil8.22-17.7
Maritime Life Aggr. Equity-'A&C'15.85nilnilnil13.81-12.9
Maritime Life All American Port A&Cnilnilnil11.53+.0
Maritime Life Amr Gw & Inc 'A&C'243.54nilnilnil230.05-5.5
Maritime Life Balanced - 'A&C'31.07nilnilnil31.14+.2
Maritime Life Bond - 'A'23.02nilnilnil24.49+6.4
Maritime Life Bond - 'C'22.74nilnilnil24.10+6.0
Maritime Life Cdn. Equ. - 'A&C'21.47nilnilnil20.25-5.7
Maritime Life Discovery - 'A&C'16.14nilnilnil14.20-12.0
Maritime Life Divers. Equ. 'A&C'13.13nilnilnil11.97-8.8
Maritime Life Dividend Inc - 'A'18.77nilnilnil18.75-.1
Maritime Life Dividend Inc - 'C'18.67nilnilnil18.62-.3
Maritime Life Eurasia - 'A&C'14.16nilnilnil11.22-20.8
Maritime Life Europe - 'A&C'13.11nilnilnil10.33-21.2
Maritime Life Fid Euro Gwth - 'A&C'10.35nilnilnil8.95-13.5
Maritime Life Fid Int'l Port -'A&C'10.54nilnilnil9.37-11.0
Maritime Life Fid Overseas - 'A&C'9.96nilnilnil8.23-17.3
Maritime Life Fid True North -'A&C'14.02nilnilnil13.59-3.1
Maritime Life Global Equ. -'A&C14.83nilnilnil10.92-26.3
Maritime Life Growth - 'A&C'38.03nilnilnil34.96-8.1
Maritime Life Money Market - 'A'35.24nilnilnil36.52+3.6
Maritime Life Money Market - 'C'34.07nilnilnil34.93+2.5
Maritime Life Multi-Nat Gw&Inc A&Cnilnilnil10.68+.0
Maritime Life Pacfc Basin-'A&C'74.70nilnilnil63.20-15.4
Maritime Life S&P 500 - 'A&C'25.88nilnilnil22.09-14.6
Maritime Life Tal Cdn Asset All-A&C10.61nilnilnil10.53-.8
Maritime Life Tal Cdn Equ Gwth-A&C11.30nilnilnil10.31-8.8
Maritime Life Tal Global Bond RSP-A9.58nilnilnil10.16+6.1
Maritime Life Tal Global Bond RSP-C9.53nilnilnil10.08+5.7
Maritime Life Tal Global RSP -'A&C'9.24nilnilnil7.89-14.6
Maritime Life Tal Small Cap Cdn-A&C12.00nilnilnil12.40+3.4
Maritime Life AGF AllStyleGloEq-'B'nilnilnil11.45+.0
Maritime Life AGF Amer Gwth Cls - B9.95nilnilnil8.12-18.4
Maritime Life AGF Cdn Agg AllCap- B10.79nilnilnil8.20-24.0
Maritime Life AGF Cdn Balanced-B11.20nil.6661.666110.25-2.4
Maritime Life AGF Cdn Value-'B'9.99nilnilnil9.28-7.1
Maritime Life AGF Int'l Stock - 'B'12.21nilnilnil11.14-8.7
Maritime Life AGF RSP Amer Gwth - B9.39nilnilnil7.65-18.5
Maritime Life AGF Wld Equ RSP - B9.42nilnilnil7.76-17.7
Maritime Life Aggr. Equity -'B'13.82nilnilnil12.04-12.9
Maritime Life All American Port 'B'nilnilnil11.53+.0
Maritime Life Amer Gth & Inc 'B'14.85.4337.0319.465613.57-5.5
Maritime Life Balanced - 'B'8.71.2167.2110.42778.30+.2
Maritime Life Bond - 'B'8.18.2338.3966.63048.06+6.4
Maritime Life Cdn. Equity - 'B'9.70.0229.0569.07989.07-5.7
Maritime Life Discovery - 'B'13.14nilnilnil11.56-12.0
Maritime Life Divers. Equity 'B'10.27nil.0236.02369.34-8.8
Maritime Life Dividend Inc - 'B'11.25nil.1805.180511.05-.1
Maritime Life Eurasia - 'B'10.37nilnilnil8.21-20.8
Maritime Life Europe - 'B'10.21nilnilnil8.05-21.2
Maritime Life Fid Euro Gwth - 'B'9.52nilnilnil8.24-13.5
Maritime Life Fid Int'l Port - 'B'10.36nilnilnil9.22-11.0
Maritime Life Fid Overseas - 'B'9.96nilnilnil8.23-17.3
Maritime Life Fid True North - 'B'12.07nilnilnil11.70-3.1
Maritime Life Global Equ. -'B'11.27nilnilnil8.30-26.3
Maritime Life Growth - 'B'9.96.2011.0392.24038.92-8.1
Maritime Life Money Market - 'B'10.00nil.3836.383610.00+3.9
Maritime Life Multi-Nat Gw&Inc 'B'.0202.0106.030810.65+.0
Maritime Life Pacfc Basin-'B'6.79nilnilnil5.74-15.4
Maritime Life S&P 500 - 'B'9.90nilnilnil8.45-14.6
Maritime Life Tal Small Cap Cdn - B11.00.0976nil.097611.28+3.4
Maritime Life Canada 60 Index-R9.33nil.1121.11217.72-16.1
Maritime Life Cdn Dividend II-Rnil.0767.076710.53+.0
Maritime Life Cdn Dividend-R10.82nil.1420.142011.28+5.6
Maritime Life Cdn Growth II-Rnilnilnil10.25+.0
Maritime Life Cdn Growth-R12.98nilnilnil14.93+15.0
Maritime Life Euro 50 Index-R9.94nilnilnil7.95-20.0
Maritime Life European Equity II-Rnilnilnil9.02+.0
Maritime Life European Equity-R8.82nilnilnil7.26-17.7
Maritime Life Far East Equity II-Rnilnilnil7.62+.0
Maritime Life Far East Equity-R7.76nilnilnil5.99-22.8
Maritime Life Glo Emerg Mkts II-Rnilnilnil9.65+.0
Maritime Life Glo Emerg Mkts-R7.28nilnilnil7.28-.1
Maritime Life Income II-Rnil.1533.153310.25+.0
Maritime Life Income-R11.18nil.4475.447511.37+5.8
Maritime Life Internat'l Eq II-Rnilnilnil8.66+.0
Maritime Life International Equ-R16.26nilnilnil13.07-19.6
Maritime Life Managed II-R.1377.0439.18169.99+.0
Maritime Life Managed-R16.57.2124.2343.446715.98-.9
Maritime Life Short Term II-Rnil.1760.176010.00+.0
Maritime Life Short Term-R10.00nil.3475.347510.00+3.5
Maritime Life Simp Plus Gwth Port-R9.53.0261.1673.19348.78-5.8
Maritime Life Simp Plus Inc Port-R9.51.0067.2387.24549.17-1.0
Maritime Life Simp Plus Perf Port-R9.45nil.0841.08418.39-10.3
Maritime Life Trimark Adv Bond-R9.91nil.5304.53049.91+5.5
Maritime Life Trimark Cdn Res-R10.36.4241.0136.437812.99+29.5
Maritime Life Trimark Discovery-R5.81nilnilnil4.27-26.5
Maritime Life Trimark Europlus-R9.99nilnilnil9.70-2.9
Maritime Life U.S. 500 Index-R8.16nilnilnil7.34-10.1
Maritime Life U.S. Equity II-Rnil.8723.87238.42+.0
Maritime Life U.S. Equity-R25.75nil1.94511.945120.05-15.2
Maritime Life US Opport 100 Index-R6.80nilnilnil4.68-31.1
Maritime Life Value Equity II-Rnilnilnil9.86+.0
Maritime Life Value Equity-R21.10nilnilnil19.61-7.1
Mavrix American Growth6.23nilnilnil6.25+.3
Mavrix Balanced8.12nil.1200.12008.24+3.1
Mavrix Bond5.13nil.1749.17495.16+4.1
Mavrix Canadian Value5.91nilnilnil4.82-18.4
Mavrix Emerging Companies12.35nilnilnil6.62-46.4
Mavrix Enterprise5.90nilnilnil3.66-38.0
Mavrix Growth12.26nilnilnil4.15-66.2
Mavrix Income8.67nil.7200.72009.24+15.6
Mavrix Money Market10.00nil.3759.375910.00+3.8
Mavrix Strategic Fixed Income5.74nil.1530.15305.31-5.0
Mavrix Sustainable Development4.72nilnilnil3.57-24.4
Mawer Canadian Bond11.05nil.5761.576111.24+7.1
Mawer Canadian Equity19.49nil.1037.103719.36-.1
Mawer Canadian Income10.83nil.4793.479311.13+7.4
Mawer Canadian Money Market10.00nil.3721.372110.00+3.8
Mawer Cdn. Balanced RSP14.18.2287.3481.576814.20+4.3
Mawer Cdn. Diversified Investm't14.92nil.3115.311515.10+3.3
Mawer High Yield Bond9.54nil.5587.55879.49+5.5
Mawer New Canada12.95.4569.0076.464516.25+29.2
Mawer U.S. Equity20.40nilnilnil21.15+3.7
Mawer World Investment28.42nil.1392.139225.42-10.0
McElvaine Investment Trust12.31nilnilnil15.76+28.0
MB American Equity135.822.08632.38794.4742135.97+3.6
MB Balanced10.97.1873.3750.562310.85+4.4
MB Balanced Growth12.61.1377.4184.556112.37+2.7
MB Balanced Growth Pension13.07.3209.4364.757312.73+3.5
MB Canadian Equity10.14.4765.1770.65349.92+4.7
MB Canadian Equity Growth70.621.79991.03832.838268.30+1.0
MB Canadian Equity Plus11.57.5068.2098.716610.99+1.5
MB Canadian Equity Value11.031.1251.32061.445710.67+10.7
MB Fixed Income54.36.06043.29693.357455.58+8.7
MB Fixed Income Plus10.08.1294.5943.723610.48+11.5
MB Global Equity16.40.0840.2630.347014.98-6.5
MB International Equity10.78nil.1700.17008.96-15.3
MB Long Term Fixed Income9.87nil.6123.61239.88+6.6
MB Money Market10.00nil.4894.489410.00+5.0
MB Offshore Equity23.57nil.4877.487719.15-16.7
MB Private Balanced10.89.2030.3737.576710.58+2.7
MB Balanced Value.2136.0682.28189.99+.0
McLean Budden American Equity41.11nilnilnil41.97+2.1
McLean Budden Balanced Growth17.94.2280.3530.581017.72+2.1
McLean Budden Canadian Equity Value12.30.5626.2185.781112.15+5.2
McLean Budden Cdn. Equity Growth27.97.4279.0511.479026.63-3.1
McLean Budden Fixed Income12.00nil.6021.602112.33+8.0
McLean Budden Global Equitynil.0174.01749.36+.0
McLean Budden International Equity12.27nil.0729.072910.17-16.6
McLean Budden Money Market10.00nil.3990.399010.00+4.1
MD Balanced19.41.3978.3631.761018.16-2.5
MD Bond6.86nil.3379.33796.99+7.0
MD Bond and Mortgage10.14nil.5023.502310.46+8.3
MD Canadian Tax Managed Pool11.05nil.0157.015710.38-5.9
MD Dividend14.93nil.4586.458614.95+3.3
MD Equity16.28.1064.1094.215815.89-1.0
MD Global Bond11.04nil.4792.479210.97+3.8
MD Global Equity RSP9.15nilnilnil8.02-12.3
MD Growth12.711.6892nil1.689210.39-5.9
MD Growth RSP10.62nilnilnil9.95-6.3
MD International Growth9.59nil.0232.02327.38-22.8
MD International Growth RSP9.58nilnilnil7.31-23.7
MD Money10.00nil.4023.402310.00+4.1
MD Select17.10.7767.0652.841915.82-2.4
MD U.S. Large Cap Growth7.21nilnilnil6.26-13.2
MD U.S. Large Cap Growth RSP9.25nilnilnil8.00-13.5
MD U.S. Large Cap Value9.73nilnilnil9.59-1.4
MD U.S. Large Cap Value RSP9.78nilnilnil9.47-3.2
MD U.S. Small Cap Growth8.00nilnilnil5.98-25.3
MD U.S. Tax Managed Pool9.56nilnilnil9.04-5.4
Health Care & Biotechnology Venture7.10nilnilnil7.20+.0
Canadian Medical Discoveries12.52nilnilnil10.98-12.3
Members Mutual4.30nilnilnil4.17-3.1
Meritas Canadian Bond.2332.1463.379510.19+.0
Meritas International Equitynilnilnil9.00+.0
Meritas Jantzi Social Indexnilnilnil10.19+.0
Meritas Money Marketnil.1880.188010.00+.0
Meritas U.S. Equitynilnilnil9.90+.0
Merrill Lynch Core Holdings8.37nilnilnil6.65-20.6
Merrill Lynch Core Holdings (US$)5.58nilnilnil4.18-25.2
Merrill Lynch Instituat'l Hld (US$)6.11nilnilnil4.21-31.0
Merrill Lynch Institutional Hldgs9.17nilnilnil6.71-26.8
Merrill Lynch Select Ten8.95nil.2307.23078.78+.7
Merrill Lynch Select Ten (US$)5.96nil.1455.14555.51-5.0
Merrill Lynch Canadian Balanced Val11.33nil.1411.141111.98+7.0
Merrill Lynch Canadian Bond10.58nil.4852.485210.66+5.5
Merrill Lynch Canadian Growth25.55nilnilnil23.14-9.4
Merrill Lynch Canadian Income Trust7.41nil.7500.75008.31+23.2
Merrill Lynch Canadian Small-Cap10.36nilnilnil12.48+20.5
Merrill Lynch Canadian T-Bill10.00nil.3057.305710.00+3.1
Merrill Lynch Cdn Core Value20.31.0970.0273.124321.88+8.3
Merrill Lynch Cdn High Yield Bond10.33nil.7790.77909.76+2.2
Merrill Lynch Cdn Money Market10.00nil.3367.336710.00+3.4
Merrill Lynch Developing Cap Mkt13.24nilnilnil13.41+1.3
Merrill Lynch Euro20.27nil.2098.209817.48-12.7
Merrill Lynch Global Growth11.52nilnilnil9.06-21.3
Merrill Lynch Global Growth RSP9.75nilnilnil7.63-21.7
Merrill Lynch Global Sectors11.51nilnilnil8.70-24.4
Merrill Lynch Global Sectors RSP9.90nilnilnil7.46-24.7
Merrill Lynch Global Technology5.61nilnilnil3.03-46.0
Merrill Lynch Global Technology RSP5.95nilnilnil3.19-46.3
Merrill Lynch Int'l RSP Index11.70nilnilnil9.38-19.9
Merrill Lynch Sel Global Value RSP8.34nilnilnil7.98-4.3
Merrill Lynch Select Cdn Balanced18.48nil.2938.293818.52+1.9
Merrill Lynch Select Global Value22.09nilnilnil21.21-4.0
Merrill Lynch Select Int'l Growth21.97nilnilnil15.88-27.7
Merrill Lynch Select Int'l Gwth RSP7.70nilnilnil5.54-28.1
Merrill Lynch Triple A 509.83nilnilnil8.52-13.3
Merrill Lynch Triple A 50 RSP9.85nilnilnil8.52-13.5
Merrill Lynch U.S. Basic Value10.83.6019nil.601910.67+4.2
Merrill Lynch U.S. Fundamental Gwth41.47nilnilnil36.75-11.4
Merrill Lynch U.S. Money Mkt (US$)10.00nil.3291.329110.00+3.3
Merrill Lynch U.S. RSP Index11.81nilnilnil10.12-14.3
Middlefield Alternative Energy Clnilnilnil9.40+.0
Middlefield Canadian Balanced Classnilnilnil10.07+.0
Middlefield Enhanced Yield9.60nil.7200.720010.12+13.3
Middlefield Equity Index Plus9.15nilnilnil7.95-13.1
Middlefield Global Technology Classnilnilnil9.77+.0
Middlefield Growth5.82.3156.0267.34235.00-8.8
Middlefield High Income Trust6.32nil.8700.87007.25+.0
Middlefield Income Plus9.99nil.5800.580010.88+15.1
Middlefield Money Market10.00nil.3697.369710.00+3.8
Middlefield Private Flow-Throughnilnilnil6.62+.0
Middlefield U.S. Equity Classnilnilnil10.26+.0
MRF 2000 Limited Partnership21.71nilnilnil21.76+.2
MRF 2001 II Limited Partnershipnilnilnil18.40+.0
MRF 2001 Limited Partnershipnilnilnil17.44+.0
SAGE High Yield Debt Trust11.07nil1.79001.790012.65+.0
STaRS Income Fundnilnilnil9.50+.0
MMA Income Portfolio10.32nil.7757.775710.82+12.7
Montrusco Bolton TSE 100 Momentum22.42nil.0005.000519.59-12.6
Montrusco Bolton Balanced 'B'12.57nil.3238.323811.57-5.3
Montrusco Bolton Canadian Equ 'B'18.47nil.2394.239416.65-8.5
Montrusco Bolton Cdn Small Cap 'B'15.35nil.1806.180616.51+8.8
Montrusco Bolton E.A.F.E. Equ 'B'13.11nil.1456.145610.41-19.5
Montrusco Bolton Fixed Income 'B'11.35.1343.6657.800011.35+7.3
Montrusco Bolton Global Equity 'B'17.84nil.1814.181414.49-17.7
Montrusco Bolton U.S. Equ 'B' (US$)18.43nil.1640.164014.74-19.1
Montrusco Bolton Balanced Plus12.38nil.3120.312011.27-6.4
Montrusco Bolton Bond Index Plus10.27nil.6268.626810.40+7.5
Montrusco Bolton Canadian Company11.283.5538.13843.69226.51-9.5
Montrusco Bolton Cont. Europe Equ12.87nil.3115.311510.07-19.2
Montrusco Bolton Enterprise25.88nil.4161.416124.92-2.0
Montrusco Bolton T-Max10.00nil.4632.463210.00+4.7
Montrusco Bolton Int'l Equity (US$)10.48nil.1150.11507.80-24.5
Montrusco Bolton Tax. US Equ (US$)11.61nil.0780.07809.26-19.6
Montrusco Bolton U.S. Indexed (US$)10.741.2475.11801.36558.02-12.6
Mulvihill Canadian Bond9.50nil.7385.73859.33+6.0
Mulvihill Canadian Equity13.08nilnilnil11.21-14.3
Mulvihill Canadian Money Market10.00nil.4111.411110.00+4.2
Mulvihill Global Equity16.98nil.5195.519514.33-12.5
Mulvihill Premium Canadian Income9.54.7343.0657.80008.52-1.9
Mulvihill Premium Global Income8.83.5793.2207.80008.08+1.5
Mulvihill US Equity8.24nil.1535.15357.44-7.9

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