Data supplied by CTV GlobeMedia. December 31, 2007 closing net asset value per share, capital gains for the year, income distributions for the year, total distributions for the year, December 31, 2008 closing net asset value per share, and 1 year % change. nil indicates no distributions, (-) indicates no data available.
  Dec. 31, 2007Dec. 31, 2008
FUNDNAVCapital GainIncomeTotal DistributionNAV% Chng
Jemekk Long/Short L.P.2,493.34nilnilnil+.0
Horizons Global Contrarian-F9.57nilnilnil9.04-5.5
Horizons Northern Rivers Fund LP29.10nilnilnil9.80-66.3
BDC Canadian Fin Yield Nts Sr I92.68nil.5330.533087.89-4.6
Horizons Advantaged Equity Sr-I10.46nilnilnil6.32-39.5
Horizons Advantaged Equity Sr-II10.41nilnilnil6.31-39.4
Horizons Advantaged Equity Sr-III10.37nilnilnil6.20-40.2
JOV Bond-A9.82nil.1483.14839.91+2.5
JOV Bond-I9.97nil.0397.039710.07+1.4
JOV Canadian Equity Classnilnilnil5.83+.0
JOV Fiera Balanced Tactical Port-Anil.0097.00979.20+.0
JOV Fiera Balanced Tactical Port-Fnil.2242.22429.06+.0
JOV Fiera Balanced Tactical Port-Tnil.1667.16679.04+.0
JOV Fiera Conserv Tactical Port-Anil.0976.09769.36+.0
JOV Fiera Conserv Tactical Port-Fnil.6599.65998.87+.0
JOV Fiera Conserv Tactical Port-Tnil.1333.13339.32+.0
JOV Fiera Growth Tactical Port-Anilnilnil8.02+.0
JOV Fiera Growth Tactical Port-Fnilnilnil8.13+.0
JOV Fiera Growth Tactical Port-Tnilnilnil8.12+.0
JOV Leon Frazer Dividend-A10.03nil.3482.34827.82-19.0
JOV Leon Frazer Dividend-F10.04nil.3726.37267.89-18.3
JOV Leon Frazer Dividend-I10.10nil.3937.39378.04-17.0
JOV Prosperity Canadian Equity Anilnilnil6.04+.0
JOV Prosperity Canadian Equity Fnilnilnil5.75+.0
JOV Prosperity Canadian Equity Inil.0514.05146.17+.0
JOV Prosperity Canadian Fixed Inc Anil.2081.20819.98+.0
JOV Prosperity Canadian Fixed Inc Fnil.1238.12389.60+.0
JOV Prosperity Canadian Fixed Inc Inil.3755.37559.96+.0
JOV Prosperity International Equ Anil.0958.09587.60+.0
JOV Prosperity International Equ Fnil.1352.13527.67+.0
JOV Prosperity International Equ Inil.3664.36647.58+.0
JOV Prosperity US Equity Anilnilnil6.40+.0
JOV Prosperity US Equity Fnil.0230.02306.47+.0
JOV Prosperity US Equity Inil.0975.09756.60+.0
JOV Winslow Global Green Growth-A10.00nilnilnil6.40-36.0
JOV Winslow Global Green Growth-F10.00nilnilnil6.43-35.7
Prov of Man Port All Note S189.54nil.5400.540089.39+.5